I’ve seen a lot of statements recently from Mormons frustrated by the upswing in activism and attempts at reformation by other members of the LDS Church. These same people are also generally supportive of the recent excommunications or disciplinary councils for members like Taylor Knuth-Bishop, (gay, married Mormon) Marisa and Carson Calderwood, (apostasy, not literal believers) or Kirk and Lindsay Van Allen (rejected polygamy as reveled in D&C 132.) For these members, it makes sense for the church to excommunicate people who openly disagree with key doctrines in the church. After all, “Why should the church have to change to suit the needs of a few people?” “God’s laws are unchanging! ...more

Even Atticus shoots the dog.

My mind was totally changed by your FB status update! #saidnobodyeverI see the above sentiment, or sentiments like that, all the time. Two groups are arguing about something online, and inevitably, just when shit starts to get real, one side or the other decides to call it quits ....more

high stakes testing

It happens a few times every school year: a student sees me in the hall, and shouts, “Ms. Lauritzen! My mom showed me a clip of you on the news!” Other days, a student will casually mention seeing a recent article online, waiting to see if I’ll reveal my secret identity as a freelance writer ....more

she is risen

For all those standing at the door of the tomb. I always hesitate when people ask me to explain the catalysts that led me to my current state of post-Mormonism. I hesitate because there was no single event, thought, or behavior that truly caused me to question my identity as a Mormon ....more

Je Suis Charlie

I never know the right thing to say when bad things happen....more

the sometimes people.

Here are some things I've been thinking about:Since ____________ (departing, going inactive, moving on?) from Mormonism, it's been very hard ...more

Some ramblings on some letters to the editor....

Over the years I've developed a relatively thick-skin regarding reader responses to my writing. But any advances I've made in overcoming my natural over- sensitivity are the result of hard cognitive training and time- certainly not by way of natural ability. I work hard to recognize that negative reader responses are a natural result of public writing, while simultaneously acknowledging that many times the things written about me aren't automatically true simply because someone else believes it ....more

before they died, a lot of people told me I was a really good listener....

Sometimes you find a piece of literature so profoundly life-changing it almost makes you believe (or reaffirms your belief) in a divine presence guiding the universe. How else can you explain that one book or poem that so completely describes your person?For me, those books are The Poisonwood Bible and My Name is Asher Lev. And...THIS article ....more

Halloween is the only pure holiday

(If you are the introverted, overly-sensitive, vaguely misanthropic type.)Halloween is my favorite holiday. Here's why:...more

Work that is Real

First, thank you to everyone who found my blog via Tapestry on CBC. I've received several emails from program listeners, and it's a pleasure to get to know each of you. For those of you unaware, I did an email interview with Tapestry last year ....more