the Burrow

This is my literary voice. In my real life, The Big Guy (TBG) and I have two twenty-something Cuters, a Son-In-Reality, one mother (G'ma) and an assortment of psuedonymous friends and relatives. (And if that's not a word, it should be.)  I've lived on Long Island and in upstate New York, in Chicago and Marin and Tucson and I've gardened in each and every one of them.  I gained notoriety when I was shot at Cong. Giffords' Congress on Your Corner event in January, 2011. 

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There were lions and zebras and chimps. There was sunshine and there was a cousin and there were lots of snacks. But mostly, my heart was filled with love ....more

Setting Off on an Adventure

TBG doesn't want to get on a plane. ...more

It's Just Cruel

DJT's 6 month ultimatum to Congress - fix DACA or I'll intervene - might be a political ploy, might be making good on a campaign promise, might be a sop to his base, might be the kick in the ass that Congress needs to get something, anything, going. ...more

Random Thoughts

James Bond on endless repeat was a perfect choice for a holiday weekend; I salute the tv programmer who thought it up. ...more

Go See This Film

TBG and I each heard reviews of Baby Driver. ...more

The Last Day of Summer Vacation

Today should be the last day of summer vacation. ...more

Labor Day

I'm taking the weekend off, aligning myself with Labor and celebrating all of us with deadlines and assignments and duties....more

A Picture's Worth 1000 Words

And so, that's what you get today. Include Thank You and Stickers!!!...more

The Shoelace Fairy

It made sense, after a while, to sit on the ground. ...more

Nicole/Nicolle Wallace - A Snippet

There are recurring characters on Law'n Order who tickle our fancy. ...more