the Burrow

This is my literary voice. In my real life, The Big Guy (TBG) and I have two twenty-something Cuters, a Son-In-Reality, one mother (G'ma) and an assortment of psuedonymous friends and relatives. (And if that's not a word, it should be.)  I've lived on Long Island and in upstate New York, in Chicago and Marin and Tucson and I've gardened in each and every one of them.  I gained notoriety when I was shot at Cong. Giffords' Congress on Your Corner event in January, 2011. 

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I'm Just Wondering

Thanks, Little Cheese, for alerting me to the fact that this had yet to appear! I've tried to come up with an explanation, but I can't. ...more

How Am I Doing? A Progress Report

This is a tale of a splinter, a pool, and a hip. ...more

Stating The Obvious

I'm watching Republicans telling me that Obamacare is failing, that there are counties with no insurers, that premiums are predicted to rise 30 or 40 or 50 percent. ...more

The Bad Things Are Easier to Believe

A high school friend texted, wondering when we'd see one another again. ...more

A Reward

I began to clear off my desk. ...more

Signage - A Snippet

Yesterday it was 30 degrees cooler than it had been the week before.... and it was still stinking hot. There is barely any traffic on the roads, so my eyes were free to wander ....more


Remember DJT's 400 pound guy sitting on his couch? ...more

Bonjour, TBG

It's that time of the year, again. ...more