That Time I Couponed.

One time I started watching all those TLC shows about couponing and thought I would try my hand at it. ...more

How School Changed My Prayer Life.

From the moment I saw a + on my pregnancy test with Levi, my prayer life jumped to a new level....more

The Big Day.

Well folks, we survived the first day of school! ...more


Get ready for a novelette!...more

Let's Talk TV!

It's that weird time of year again where television summer series are ending and there's a gap between the ones that will start up this fall....more

And .... That's a Wrap!

I had a pitiful year of blogging, didn't I? I was lucky if I got one post up per month, and I didn't nearly capture our adventures in writing like I had planned. ...more


July 1, 2005 - Darin and I entered into covenant together. The big exciting world was at our fingertips! What would the next 10 years hold for us? ...more

Experiencing God.

We're going through a cold spell, so we were some of the only ones out on the peninsula today. We spent a couple hours at a park and then the boys wanted to go to the beach. I obliged, of course.. ....more

Exploring Rochester, NY.

I've been hit and miss with so many of our adventures up north, but I'm trying my best to document everything on more than just Instagram, so that I can remember the details on down the road.Several weeks ago one of the local hockey teams made the playoffs and Husby was scheduled to cover it, so we all loaded up and went with him to Rochester, NY. ...more