The Cork Board

A photography-dabbling, primal-eating, black-belt seeking, housework-hating, triathlon-trying, homeschooling, grace-needing mom's attempt to capture life as it happens with 6 kids from all over the globe.

Foto Flashback Friday

This past Christmas happened in lots of rounds. Round 1 was an afternoon set aside to spend with Grace. The extra emotional charged-ness of the holidays is really hard for trauma kids (me included), so we decided a controlled household gathering, not on the actual holiday was in order ....more

{Recipe} Essential Herbal Chai

Even though we owned a craft coffee shop for over a year, I can list “barista” as a skillset on a resume, and I know more about coffee than most people, I actually don’t drink it. I can actually tolerate the taste of really good, craft coffee, but the bigger issue is the caffeine. I can’t even drink caffeinated tea ....more

Older Child Adoption | What I Would Have Done Differently

For various reasons, the three older kids are not living at home. One wants to return, the other two are desperately trying to find their wings so that they can fly the nest for good. With more mental margin than I’ve had in years, I’ve been reflecting over our experience of adopting older kids and what I would have done differently ....more

Jonas 2016

When did they start naming blizzards?!? Remember when it was just The Blizzard of 2003?...more

Why “Homeschool” isn’t “School at Home”

January 24-30 is National School Choice Week. Maybe you’re considering homeschooling but are intimidated by that “school” word or can’t imagine fighting your child ALL. DAY ....more

Foto Flashback Friday

Having a nephew around has been like early grandparenthood. All the fun of a baby with none of the work It’s hard to believe Big Jae is so big that he’ll be 2 this year! These are some photos from 2 summers ago ....more

Current Life Hacks

The beginning of a new year seems like an apropos time to reveal some of our current life hacks. None of the links are affiliate. I have no motivation for sharing other than, well, wanting to ....more

2015 Christmas Greetings

Greetings from our crazy house! It’s hard to write a Christmas update when the year has been the hardest year our family has endured to date. However, through it all, we have had lots of opportunities to see God’s faithfulness play out in our lives ....more

Foto Flashback Friday

It all started with a conversation under our basketball hoop–Pops, Auntie Lin, and me. “What should we do for Mom’s birthday?” “She doesn’t want us to do anything, but we should. It IS 60 after all.” “We could surprise her after church ....more