The Cork Board

This blog is a photography-dabbling, veggie-loving, housework-hating, homeschooling, black belt-seeking, grace-needing mom and family wellness coach. It’s an attempt to capture life as it happens with 6 kids (one born in Korea and three from Ethiopia).

Selfie Summer

With the school year officially underway, summer is officially over for our fam. Our first community day was a smashing success. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a group of parents use their various gifts (or stretch to learn new ones) for the mission of seeing our kids learn, explore, and connect ....more

2016-2017 Homeschool Plans

I feel like our summer flew! And our homeschool-length summer–which starts in May and ends in September–is longer than most. Last year, we beta-tested a new classical homeschool community ....more

City meets County | Lesson #2

lessons from foster care and aging out We had a youth (we’ll call him Jay), who aged out of an inner city foster care system, live with us for the better part of the last year. When we started this journey (even after taking in three older children through adoption), we didn’t even know what we didn’t know. Because this also happened during a season of intense crisis for our family, it’s taken me a while to process our time and all the lessons learned let alone get to the blog about them ....more

Foto Flashback Friday

We went to a Texas wedding this summer. The colors were Texas sunset orange and blue. The kids made a new friend ....more

Network Marketing | Dream Job

For whatever reason, network marketing has a bad rap. Maybe it’s pushy sales “friends,” products that fall short of promises, or just straight up saturation. Tell me you don’t know someone–probably dozens of someones–who are selling something through network marketing ....more

What I learned from homeschooling through crisis

We’re entering our sixth year of homeschooling. More than half of our homeschooling years, so far, were marked by crisis and trauma. The feelings of my inadequacy to keep up the academic home front were strong ....more

City meets County | Lesson #1

We had a youth (we’ll call him Jay), who aged out of an inner city...more

Foto Flashback Friday

I am blessed to have a family who loves God, loves others, and especially loves kids. Poppop (paternal grandfather) embodied all of those. Recently, a field named in his honor for all his years of service to the Eastwood Recreation Council was re-dedicated to him ....more

DIY Sunscreen

One could go crazy bouncing between the sunscreen-all-year-round-anytime-you-go-out-of-doors camp and the we-need-more-vitamin-D-in-our-lives-and-sunscreen-is-in-the-way camp. I haven’t really given much thought to it because I’m really not together enough to sunscreen my kids religiously–or even semi-regularly. I do know, however, that when I decide we need sunscreen I want one with minimal to no toxins ....more

I can’t even

Last week–the entire week–was of the I. CAN’T. EVEN ....more