delicious november

We made it. We survived the relentless heat that continue on clear through October! And we barely survived hunting season ....more

The guinea pig I feel guilty about

As a child, I LOVE pets. As an adult, or more importantly a parent, I despise them. Not the dog of course, we've established that ....more

the dog with a guilt complex

I called to give him back. I called a week after having a tiny, furry terrorizing puppy in our home to give him back. He was nipping at the kids all day long, he was hyper (I thought he was mellow when bringing him home) ....more

jealous much?

The new season of Daniel Tiger is on Netflix. This is a big deal in our house. I love that show, and find myself singing the songs all the time in the midst of a terrible tantrum or chaotic battle over dinner ....more

happy birthday, we are mid-30s now

Happy Birthday to my favorite man. He is as kind and generous as he is handsome and patient. I love that he chose to spend his life with me, and gave me awesome kids to boot ....more

5 benefits of living without a smart phone

FREEDOM.That is the best word to contain all the feelings of living without a smart phone. I will admit, the first month was tough, tough, tough. I second guessed my choice several times, I mourned, I was angry, I bargained, I was in denial ....more

song lyrics and unripe nectarines

these were the fluffiest marshmallow clouds against a pure blue sky, many of our skyline views are pure maynard dixon paintings a few weeks ago i was rushing through walmart (ugh) and as i ran past the produce i swiped up a bagful of nectarines. now, walmart produce has yet to impress me over the last decade, but during summer i can not, will not, pass up peaches or nectarines. the fruit of the gods i tell you what ....more

leavitt camping trip 2015

For a weekend in August we went with all of Ty's immediate family camping by Pony Springs Nevada. Last year it was cool and even a little rainy, this year it Annie no likey hot and sweaty camping.It was still a great trip for the kids ....more

first day of school 2015

We have 3 little crazy monkeys attending school this year. No morning of photos because I couldn't find the camera. haha, thanks dumb phone! ...more

Guatemala Dental Mission news

*Here is a letter my mom had made to show the LDS dental convention this summer. I think it's a great summary of what they do and why. Serving in the Guatemala Dental Clinic as a Senior Missionary has been a rare privilege....more