stop making mother's day miserable

that was my goal. to have an "un-miserable" mother's day.let me count the ways I create an unhappy holiday for myself: 1. Have EXPECTATIONS. 2 ....more

anniversary trip

our favorite weekend plans around here are NO weekend plans, but every once in awhile we get away. last weekend we escaped for our annual anniversary trip. i started saving up babysitting grandma time in the fall and hoard and hoard so i don't feel too...more

twelve or a dozen

Let me not to the marriage of true minds...more


my roses are blooming. which can only mean one thing... it's fair time! ...more

24 day challenge details

I did a few things completely different this time. Instead of not telling anyone and trying to lose weight, I told...more

my favorite weekend

I love Easter. I think I almost love it more than Christmas. We were married on Good Friday so I think that affects my decision there also ....more

24 Day Success

I finished my 24 day challenge from Advocare yesterday. And I'm proud to say that it has been the most successful "weight" loss endeavor I have ever tried. so here is my starting weight...more

New and good things...

I sit down to blog, and then 800,000 things pop up into my head that I need to be doing first, so this hardly every gets done.BUT...I want to quickly share some awesome things lately1. BookI read this last month and it was wonderful. I think every mother/woman/man should read it. 2 ....more


I saw this quote this week and it has been on my mind all day: The first thing that came to my mind was all of the parenting techniques I've tried to do, and learn. Almost always the hard way and the painful way (for me) was the best way. And when we stuck to it it worked ....more


I think that's the word I could use to describe motherhood. It is swift. They are born, they grow and grow and whoosh! ...more