Amanda, a seven-time marathoner and personal trainer, is the author of RunToTheFinish, a fitness and healthy living website that stemmed from her passion for running. She is an ecommerce consultant, freelance writer, speaker and social media fiend with nine years of experience providing strategic online solutions for Fortune 500 companies nationwide. Amanda combined her love of writing, strategy and running to develop a site that is a destination for tips, motivation and tools for getting the most out of the healthy living journey. If you ever want to talk running, connect with her on Twitter @runtothefinish

Superfood Peppermint Chocolate Chia Kefir Pudding

Weeks spent thinking about making this recipe = 4Time to actually make recipe = 30 seconds Yup, proving my own point that we make healthy living too hard. This delightful dessert satisfies my sweet tooth, protein needs and cranky stomach all at the same time. Finally a recipe that lives up to a magazine headline… the 30 Second Health Fix! ...more

Save the drama for your…hairdresser?

As the towel dropped, I leaned forward squinting at the massive gilded mirror to ensure I was seeing things correctly....more

How to train for Boston Heartbreak Hill

Ever find yourself taking note of the incline on road while driving and pondering how far it is from your home? You know, the kind of road that would make for superior hill training? No…you must not live in Florida ....more

Boost marathon performance with a walk

Thinking walking and being a runner aren’t compatible? Real runners don’t walk?? Or do they! ...more

Tears are a massage for the soul

This is the fourth post in a series on Hugs in collaboration with BlogHer and The Best Part Community. Because when optimism is shared, it grows, making an even more positive impact on our world. Check out what others are sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ....more

Ready to run your first marathon? FREE with ME!

Running your first marathon is an exciting prospect all on its own. Add in gear from Saucony, free registration, free travel and of course ME as your coach and it’s enough to send you into a spontaneous dance party. Wait, what is all this about?? ...more

It doesn’t get easier, but it isn’t that hard

“If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it.” -- I bet you’ve seen this quote at least once from Pinterest to Facebook. There is an important second part to this quote that gets left off, which recognizes that the effort is what enhances pride in the achievement. Unfortunately great quotes like this are becoming a bit twisted with all the fitspration images, implying we must struggle to live healthy ....more

Cookies & Cream Recovery Smoothie - Vegan, GF

It should come as no surprise to you that when the new Thrive Energy Cookbook from Brendan Braizer {Vega} came out, I spent an evening pursuing every single page and pondering what to put on my meal plan the following week {yes, I’m attempting to finally do meal planning!!}.Since I am toying with certain things right now, like removing legumes, I decided to focus on recipes to feed my sweet tooth in a healthier way....more

Quick Dynamic Warm Up Routine for Runners

Since running for me was a transition from a LOT of walking, I’ve never had an issue spending time before my run warming up. I enjoy the walk as a way to get focused and transition from sleep to moving....more

Fitness Fashion: Gray and Black with flare

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Puma. Last week in Spring fitness fashion, I gushed over the bold, bright colors I’m adding to my workout wardrobe....more