The Way

This song has always haunted me. There's a certain desire for escapism in my life, and I admit, there are times that I think of hopping in the car and just driving away from it all... and driving and driving until the car breaks down, I run out of money or.. ....more

Atheist Evolution

I haven't been posting as much about the "new atheists". ...more

The View from My Couch

I'm waiting for warmer weather.I'm waiting to go walking in the Pecos. ...more

Liar Liar

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”...more

The Ragged Edge

At times it's difficult to describe experiences. ...more

2013 - 2014

Looking back, it's no wonder I've been out of sorts these past couple months. ...more

The Year End Letter

I began writing a post about the year end letter (or Christmas Letter) then started wondering, am I the only one who really feels this way? I guess not.And Garfunkle and Oats says it so much better than I ever could: ...more

Christmas Morning Photos

Our Christmas morning family photos, our gifts, our breakfast.Keep an eye on Tay's antlers as you scroll down! The family photo Which gift to open first? Cay receives and owl bank from Tay Tay receives a large bag with a dragon from Ellen and Carlos which gift next? ...more

The Gifts of Christmas

The gifts under our tree this morning. We've been gifted this Christmas.We've been gifted with love. ...more

The Farolito Walk on Canyon Road

It's a Santa Fe tradition. ...more