Building a new home: the Studio Table AFTER

Remember when I talked about making a new art table for the Studio? And you wondered which color I would choose? Okay....more

my new pencil skirt + 60 skirts for girls in foster care

I don’t know why it took me 10 years to start making these skirts. I mean. They are....more

How to make + sew Piping!

Okay guys....more

50 things I’m Bad at

This might not be the post you’re expecting. But it’s been floating around in my mind for a couple of years, so I guess it’s time to share. I keep thinking about the perception we have of each others’ lives…and the pretty pictures we share on Instagram and our blogs…and the persona that we give […] ...more

TUTORIAL: new + improved…the Perfect Diaper + Nappy Cover!

Hi friends! I know you guys like making diaper covers, cause I’ve been watching you do it for years. The Perfect Diaper Cover pattern was one of those first really detailed tutorials + patterns that I put up on the blog, many years ago ....more

3 years old!…and finally talking

Remember when Clara was a baby and I blogged her progress each month? I know people always say this—but it really feels like yesterday. NOT over three years ago ....more

RECIPE: Fresh Pineapple Jam + Sauce

It’s weird to think of a fruit as being “IN” right now. Because I can’t ever imagine it being “out”. But seriously, pineapple is everywhere! ...more

How to Sew a Pillow • 2 ways • 1 yard of fabric

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to sew, or if you’ve been sewing for years?!…. Then THIS is the project that will get you going! Guys ....more

Lucy’s Birthday Fiesta!

I think that a fiesta-themed fiesta might be my favorite. The decor, the food, the desire to sew 10 colorful skirts?….it’s too easy not to love! In fact, do you remember when I sewed these skirts?? ...more

How to sew a Pair of Leggings, for any age…

It’s MADE Everyday time friends! Yay! And today we’re making one of my favorite projects ....more