am I misrepresenting my commitment to a job, calling a coworker “daddy,” and more

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go… 1. My coworker is making hateful comments about a foreign country An employee where I work has become very radical in his views concerning a foreign country which is going through a crisis ....more

how do I fire the most popular person in the office?

A reader writes: I need to fire our office manager. It’s a mix of issues, all related to attention to detail and organization. I’ve clearly warned her and put her on a performance improvement plan, which she hasn’t passed, so I’ve got my documentation in order ....more

can I keep my company truck when I leave to stick it to my company?

A reader writes: You will probably think that I am a total jerk for contemplating doing this, but just hear me out. First off, I do appreciate being gainfully employed but I absolutely HATE the company I work for. We were purchased by a gigantic multi-billion dollar company over a year ago, and ever they have been piling more and more work on us as more divisions have been acquired ....more

my interviewer kept laughing at me, my managers are giving me contradictory instructions, and more

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go… 1. My interviewer kept laughing at me I had an interview today for a part-time writing tutor position at my local community college ....more

update: when your boss is a raging alcoholic

Remember the letter-writer whose friend’s...more

what to do when your team is missing deadlines

Most teams miss a deadline now and then. But if people on your team are regularly blowing deadlines, there’s a problem that you need to address … before it causes work to blow up too. Fixing a deadline problem means first figuring out what’s causing the problem ....more

my coworker is arguing with every decision I make — on a project that I’m leading

A reader writes: I work in a design field, and we work in teams of 4-5 people, which rotate on a person by person basis. I am 9 months in at a new firm, which recruited me based on a very strong recommendation from a client. I am the lead for our current project, which is with said client, not only because that’s what my experience dictates but also at the client’s request ....more

my coworker spread a rumor that I have racist tattoos, what to expect in a third interview, and more

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go… 1. My coworker spread a false rumor that I have racist tattoos I was recently tipped off to a rumor going around the workplace about me, created by a person in a supervisory position above me, saying that I have tattoos of swastikas on my chest (which I do NOT) ....more

update: I caught an employee in a lie

Remember the letter from the manager who caught an employee lying about sending a FedEx shipment that she hadn’t really sent? Here’s the update. While the employee is still working here, I did finally get support from my manager (the president) to write her up, and when I did her annual review, it stated all of the incidents that occurred – it was the worst review she had ever received ....more