I live in West Michigan and work in for a statewide nonprofit organization. I am married, and my husband and I are trying to start a family. We currently have two cats to keep us company. I love reading and doing handstitched embroidery (my Etsy shop!). 






Things are weird lately. Mike is out of work and staying home with Mo, which means they spend their days together while I go to work, and they've developed a nice little routine. It's wonderful ....more

Minus one job

When one of the two breadwinners in your household loses his job (because his position was eliminated for financial reasons), you try to focus on the positives. Because even though we rely on both of our incomes to make ends meet, when Mike lost his job recently, there were definitely worse scenarios we could have imagined....more

Fourteen months

Since last time I wrote, Mo has grown up so much, or at least it feels that way. She is a very strong walker now, she almost never crawls, and something about that full transition has flung her into kidhood and out of babyhood. She has the cutest gait too, I wish I had a good video of it to share ....more

Thirteen months

I'm not officially doing monthly updates anymore, but here's a little look at what Mo is up to these days, for posterity's sake. She was 13 months on Valentine's Day, and she celebrated by bringing Valentine's cards with plastic bracelets to daycare. From her friends, she got a bunch of cards and treats, as well....more

Will we have another?

That's the question we get asked a lot now that Mo is a year old. And the answer is simple: Yes. If we are lucky enough to do so, then yes, we'd like a second ....more

Can't stop reflecting

I have three friends that had babies in early to mid January of this year. And if I wasn't already reflecting enough on where I was a year ago, those births sure amped it up. I'm obsessed with knowing how they're doing, knowing if it is for them what it was like for me in those newborn days ....more

Mornings are hard!

Mike and I work slightly different schedules. Different enough that it plays in our favor as far as daycare drop off and pick up. He is up and out of the house before Mo and I wake up, so I get her ready and drop her off before I go to work ....more

She's a model, you know what I mean, and she shakes her little tush on the catwalk

I don't remember when, but at some point recently I mentioned that Mo was called in for a photo shoot, and I promised a few more details about that. I wanted to wait to see if they'd indeed use her photos, and over the weekend we found out they did! So here's the story....more

Mo and Will's first birthday party

You may recall that Mo was born less than two hours after her cousin Will: he just before midnight, her just after. They don't quite share a birthday, but it only made sense to celebrate with a joint party. My sister Emily and I began "planning" awhile ago, if picking a date and location count as planning ....more

"Mo"nthly Photo - Twelve

This is my last "Mo"nthly photo since I probably won't do these every month going forward, yet it seems like I still should be documenting every moment. It all passes by so quickly and I don't know how I'll remember it if I don't write it down! I have so much I want to write about this first year of motherhood, but I'll save most of that for a future post ....more