I live in West Michigan and work in for a statewide nonprofit organization. I am married, and my husband and I are trying to start a family. We currently have two cats to keep us company. I love reading and doing handstitched embroidery (my Etsy shop!). 





Monthly Drum Photo - Nine

It only took me over three weeks to write about Drum at 9 months. Pretty soon he'll be 10 months! Nine months was a big one because it marked the point where he was outside of me as long as he was inside of me ....more

Look at our lives: it's crazy, but it's fun!

I've had a lot of thoughts running through my mind lately, things about life. Naturally. I've been jotting down some of these thoughts in my phone thinking some day I'll craft a blog post that pulls them all together beautifully ....more

Mo at 3.5 years

Mo recently turned three and a half, so I thought it was time for an update. For awhile after she turned 3 we really struggled with her, but the last couple months have been some of the most magical. She responded really well to her behavior chart, which we still use, and now we can spend our time with her enjoying her amazing spirit ....more

Anxiety much?

I know all mothers - all parents - fear for their children. This is not new. But I’m starting to wonder if maybe I need some therapy about this ....more

Monthly Drum Photo - Eight

This year is flying you guys! I think it feels even faster than Mo's first year. Or maybe not, maybe it's all just fast all the damn time ....more

Mo's behavior chart

Some time ago, I wrote about how tough three has been for us and Mo. She was also having trouble at daycare and we were getting daily reports of her not listening well. I think maybe it was some kind of delayed reaction to Drum's appearance in her life, and she was seeking some attention ....more

My best parenting advice

I sat down to write something about how exhausting it is to have two kids and a demanding full-time job and how there's no time to do anything, but frankly, I'm exhausted and there's no time for writing deep thoughts. But that made me think about how we overwhelmed mothers need to support each other, and so here is my advice to mothers (and fathers) everywhere. It's something I say over and over to myself and other parents: You gotta do what you gotta do to survive ....more

Monthly Drum Photo - Seven

At seven months, my boy is absolutely amazing. He is happy, alert, playful, fun, totally chill, easy going. I want to hold on to this stage forever ....more

Monthly Drum Photo - Six

Here's dearest Drum at six months: (Mo on left, Drum on the right. She was 3 pounds and 2.75 inches smaller.) I was just reading about Mo at this age, and she apparently had this huge developmental leap right before the six month mark. Like, mere days before ....more

Three just might break me!

Remember when I wrote this around Mo's third birthday? Back when she was still mostly sweet and innocent and well-behaved?...more