Juggling Being a Manager Mama with Travel

[Editor's Note: When you're a work from home mom it can be challenging to keep the career moving forward when you're physically remote from your company. So, when a travel opportunity comes up that is good for your career, it can be a double-edged sword filled with celebration and guilt. Here's Parenthetical Me's look at this challenge. -Paula G ...more

When you don’t know if you’re doing the wrong thing

I had a nephew for a while. The things I learned from that experience are too many to name, but one of the more worrisome is that adults screw kids over for the sake of other adults all the time, even though it’s the kids who need someone to stand up for them ....more

The Trials of Independent Preschoolers

Editor's Note: As an independent kid all grown up raising two independent kids, I can tell you that it's not always easy to let kids do their own things -- especially when you could do it faster for them. Marisa at Parenthetical Me is also an independent kid all grown up raising an independent kid. While he's getting some good stuff at preschool, she's learning it can be more difficult at home. -Jenna My Independent Kid and His World: ...more

Sleep structure fail or a good intervention?

Javi is 18 months and four weeks old. My husband and I alternate who takes night duty anytime my son is in a sleep cycle disruption (which is a nice way of saying “Dude is waking up through the night OMG it’s your turn!”). Over the past year and a half, we’ve settled on a parenting division of labor easily described as “your time, your call.” Longer description: when it’s your turn to be The Parent, it’s up to you ...more

My potty learning deadline

I wrote a bit about potty learning (versus potty training) here. Since then, Javi has continued to wear (and pee on) undies at school, but we’ve kept him mostly in diapers at home. Technically, we are using pull-ups, but not for training reasons – which wouldn’t work anyway since they feel like diapers – but because we change him standing up and that’s easier with pull-ups. Bonus hint: instead of buying the even more pricey pull-ups with Velcro sides, ...more

Lazy mama’s meal planning

I got a new work computer and it prompted me to try to be more organized. (Am I the only one this way? A new toy somehow means I think I will suddenly change my ways?) For about a month I’ve been trying to plan what we’re eating so I can grocery shop only every other week. Without a plan, we tend to buy a ton of stuff that somehow still doesn’t translate into full meals for more than a ...more

From clean to dirty in two generations

Two generations ago, my grandparents prided themselves on how clean their girls were in public. Ten girls, below-poverty, farming country… clean equalled good parenting ....more

More on the Independent Kid

I took Javi shopping for new shoes last weekend. Yes, at the mall. How suburban am I? (Don’t get me started, ugh.) Our mall has a great play area and a Stride Rite store conveniently located nearby, and because I suspected he’d grown out of his shoes (he was refusing to put them on), I needed him to be measured ....more

Bedtime routine for an 18-month old going through a sleep regression

18+ months into this parenting thing, we have a few sleep regressions under our belts. As I was adjusting and adapting and thinking through what my kiddo needs from us during this, the dreaded 18-month sleep regression, I realized how many things I used to agonize over have become a little easier. So, first: it gets better, even the getting worse for a little while part. Second, I want to take you through what a sleep regression looks like now ...more

My parenting style requires a lot of thinking

Javi is 18 months and one week old. Apparently my parenting style requires a lot of thinking. While some mamas can trust their instincts completely, I find I often have to think my way through the latest challenge we’re facing. Neither terribly dogmatic nor aligned with a single real “style,” things have to make sense in my head before I can comfortably and consistently act. Life stops working well, I realize I’m not a very enjoyable human being, I stop ...more