I blog from Utah at and hope it takes me places.

In July 2010 I had my daughter and in June 2014 I had my son. I now find myself a full-time mom. My husband and I didn't plan on that, but the opportunity presented itself and we took it. I both love and hate being a parent- love it because these kids are AMAZING and a blessing; hate it because it's hard and I hate not being perfect at something. Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity to be a parent and to have my husband at my side.

Blogging has helped me make the transition from the coorporate world to the mommy world. I've found a lot of support through social networking and I know I couldn't do this parent thing without that outlet every day. We recently moved to the Salt Lake City area for my husband's job and we love it!

Yoga for Busy Moms - Online Yoga Course

Well hello! It's been a while. I've been busy with school and work, and finishing up my online course, Yoga for Busy Moms ....more

Avoiding Wrist Pain in Yoga - With Plank and Downward Facing Dog Variations

I have a few more suggestions today for taking unnecessary pain and pressure off the wrists in common yoga poses. Two poses I used to struggle with regularly are Plank // Chaturanga, and Downward Facing Dog // Adho Mukha Svanasana.Pictured below are two uncomfortable versions of Plank. The body is swayed in one direction or another ....more

Avoiding Wrist Pain in Yoga - With Upward Facing Dog Variations

I received a question in the Facebook group (Liv Namaste) about wrist pain during yoga, which is something I have personal experience with. When I first started doing yoga, my wrists hurt a LOT. Every pose that required me to be on my hands was uncomfortable ....more

Yoga for Beginners

A friend recently asked for advice regarding getting better at yoga. She was wondering how it can get easier for her, and how often she should do it. My response is based on my own experiences with yoga, as well as the training I'm undergoing for my 200-hour RYT certification ....more

Christmas 2016

Kevin had to work on Christmas this year, and in order to avoid the stress of last year's Christmas, we decided to use his only day off (Christmas Eve) to celebrate. So on the 24th, when everyone was up (8am, hallelujah!) we got to open presents and pretend it was Christmas Day. I was so smart this year and wrapped the kids' presents in specific paper ....more

That's a Wrap

Photos by Mariel On Monday I drove up to Mariel's and was in awe of the mess we had to make in order to film in her living room. Her couches, chairs and Christmas trees were pushed out of the room, blocking the front door and crowding her kitchen. She's a trooper for letting us take over her house and film for most of the day.Nikki met me there and let me use some of her make up ....more

Yoga Videos

In November, Mariel (the owner of the blog I work for) called to ask if I'd be interested in creating some yoga courses to offer via Udemy. Um, yes.A couple of her brothers have a production company so we started brainstorming ideas while I was in the midst of studying for finals. It has been a CRAZY few weeks and there have been countless nights since this all started when I can't sleep ....more

Christmas Tree - writing prompt

Last year the kids really loved the Festival of Trees at the Expo Center. I got so many photos of Aspen staring at displays in awe, and I was looking forward to it this year. I thought both kids would enjoy it and decided to put it as an activity in their advent calendar this year....more

When I Grow Up - writing prompt

When I grow up I want to remember what it was like to be a mom of young children. I want to be mindful of the younger moms around me who may be flailing and in need of help. I don't want to show up unannounced at their doorstep during the bedtime routine and interrupt ....more

Reflections Program 2016

Last week I received an email from Aspen's school about the Reflections program. It was to invite me to the assembly to watch Aspen receive an award. The PTA didn't specify if it was the advancement award or just one of merit, so we weren't sure what to expect ....more