I blog from Utah at and hope it takes me places.

In July 2010 I had my daughter and in June 2014 I had my son. I now find myself a full-time mom. My husband and I didn't plan on that, but the opportunity presented itself and we took it. I both love and hate being a parent- love it because these kids are AMAZING and a blessing; hate it because it's hard and I hate not being perfect at something. Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity to be a parent and to have my husband at my side.

Blogging has helped me make the transition from the coorporate world to the mommy world. I've found a lot of support through social networking and I know I couldn't do this parent thing without that outlet every day. We recently moved to the Salt Lake City area for my husband's job and we love it!

Silver Lake in Summer

Since it's been so hot, I wanted to take the family up to the mountains for fresh and cooler air. According to Aspen, this was the WORST part of her day.You know what is the worst part of MY day? ASPEN HATING EVERYTHING.Kev had Monday off so we drove up Big Cottonwood to Silver Lake ....more

Over the weekend

First thing Sunday morning, Aspen came into my room and said she needed to throw up. Kev was already on it and took her to the bathroom. She barfed, and then was fine the rest of the day ....more

Plus One

Kevin had to work swing over the weekend, so I didn't plan anything for our ninth anniversary. Also, with it being Father's Day, I just made sure I had a gift for him, and Aspen did too. Then we were set for both causes.When he got home in the wee sma' hours of what was technically our anniversary, he surprised me with three big bouquets of wildflowers ....more

Father's Day Questionnaire

Last year I did this little Q&A with Aspen, as well as the year before that, so I pulled it up again to see how her answers have changed. This is so hilarious to me. I can't wait until Linc can do it too ....more

MotherBoy 2015

Since we joke endlessly that Linc is a little MotherBoy, I decided to be really sarcastic and host an Arrested Development-inspired first birthday party for him. Many of the guests are familiar with the show, so hopefully it didn't go over everyone's heads...I designed his onesie after the MotherBoy logo from the show (and Aspen made one, too!!) and made sure the clothes I wore to the party coordinated. Kev said he'd vote for us to win ....more

It is your birthday.

First thing Thursday morning, Linc received his presents. We got him this ball track and a little car with a soft top (so he can chuck it across the room). Both he and Aspen really enjoyed his gifts ....more

Letters to Lincoln, month 12

Linc-A-Dinc,WE SURVIVED A WHOLE FREAKIN YEAR I CAN'T BELIEVE IT SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME A MEDAL. What a year this has been, Lincoln. I have never been so tired in my entire life ....more

Aspen's second dance recital

Aspen finished up another year of dance, and I'm so sad there's only one left. She really enjoys it, and I see her becoming more aware of herself each year. She whispers "chassé " to herself as she zips down the hall, and goes around singing the songs used in class each week ....more

Almost like taking a vacation

Tiff left today and I'm so depressed. Ok, not really SO depressed. Just like, mildly depressed ....more

Heaven Sent SIL

I'm really grateful Kev's sister is in town with us. She has taken Lincoln in the wee hours of the morning and allowed me to go back to bed each day she's been here. Sunday we had a BBQ with Kev's brother and his family so we could celebrate Kev's health and spend time together for the first time since the hospital stay ....more