Josie Says, Vol. 4 (Josie-isms)

Josephine is growing up awfully quickly lately....more

I'll Never Learn, Vol. Ten Million

Honestly, sometimes I really wonder why I come on here to complain. I always feel better after I hit publish, and when I get responses in the comments and on facebook, I feel even better and usually have some things to laugh about, but it always seems to come back and bite me in the butt.First the not-so-tragic things that happened yesterday:...more

Hate It, Love It

Well, folk, since we last spoke, I got whatever bug the girls had (blerg, but whatever), then a few days later Jeremy started feeling cruddy as well. Nothing major, just the coughing, sore throat, headache, congestion thing about 95% of the world has at the moment. By Sunday, it seemed like Genevieve was finally feeling better.BUT THEN ......more

Poor Jeremy

THE SCENE: Jeremy comes out of Josephine's bedroom, where he apparently had a hard time getting her to go down for bed. I am standing at the sink, washing dishes.Jeremy: I don't mean to ... accuse you .. ....more

Odds and Ends

Josie had some little bug for the past few days -- fever, congestion, one puke incident -- luckily it came and went within a few days and I got lots of pedialyte in her early (I finally learned from my mistakes!), so I think she's about 95% healthy. ************************************** Did I ever tell you I think as soon as she gets a fever, Josie gets dehydrated really easily, and then the more dehydrated she gets, the higher her fever spikes? I think that's what happened when she wound up in the hospital after we all had the norovirus, and it happened the next time she was sick ....more

A Few Favorite Things

I was thinking the other day that I hadn't done a Josephine's Favorite Books post in a long time, and have never done one for Genevieve (d'oh), and I would do one right now, but we have been reading the same book day in and day out for over a week, and it looks like it's not in print anymore, so it's not like you could go get yourself a copy anyway (just in case you're in interested, it's...more

Roku, Daughters, and Scraping

Three unrelated things (aka, blogging at its finest):1. We've been trying to ditch cable for a long time now, and have tried every which way to figure out how to keep a few important things for the least amount of money, and now I am thinking about getting a Roku. Those of you who have them -- love them? ...more

Super Happy Fun Time

Jeremy sent me this gif in an...more

Two Months in a Nutshell (Nailed it)

I have this problem every year. The end of the year rolls around, and the stress from multiple Christmases, the inevitable sickness, the new year, our anniversary, then the thank you notes and feeling guilty about not making resolutions -- it's too much for me. I get a little overwhelmed and drop the ball a few places, and this was one of them ....more

Getting Ready (I Need Your Help!)

In an effort to not fall prey to the "It's almost Christmas and I'm not ready and OH MY GOD, what about all the MAGIC my children were supposed to be enjoying?? I FORGOT TO PLAN ALL THE MAGIC!!!!!" syndrome that happened last year (and the year before if I'm being honest), I've started listing and planning and brainstorming.Of course, Jeremy is against this, as he feels there should be no mention of Christmas until December 1st at the earliest, and I agree. I mourn the loss of Thanksgiving when everyone is putting up their trees November 1st, but this is different ....more