It's a Thin Line

I've decided this week that there's a thin line between "working from home" and "living where you work."...more

Living in a Dilbert Cartoon

So, I thought you might like an update about the work situation....more

So That Happened

I broke up with my boyfriend today....more

Exhibits C, D, and E

Yep, it's official....more

More Questions than Answers

So I might have some news....more

Do You Need Any Panties?

So, my local JC Penney store hires the creepiest people to work in the shoe department....more


Have you made any New...more

I Knew I was a Goddess, but Not This Particular One

I use Grammarly's plagiarism check because...more

If You Went Away, Would I be Okay?

I just watched an interview with comedian Wanda Sykes....more

Things are About to Get Really Good

I found this on Pinterest, printed it out, and hung it on my refrigerator a few weeks ago....more