I'm a mom to two crazy but incredibly inspiring little girls {my noodleheads}.  I'm pretty sure I'm just like you.  I love to sew and be creative. 

Gingham Poolside Tote

Can't help it! I am in love with this bag. I've been waiting to use the large gingham for so long! ...more

black + white 241 Tote

I'm feeling pretty smug about his 241 Tote. I succumbed to Leslie's japanese fabric destash a month or so ago and snagged this large scale black and white print. Of course I thought that it would sit waiting for the perfect project for a while, but it didn't! ...more

City Gym Shorts

Surely you know I am low on stock in the shorts department of my wardrobe. ...more

Purple Super Tote

I had a great time teaching the Super Tote pattern at my local quilt shop the other day. Plus it's a great opportunity to use the step-outs to actually turn into a usable bag! Bonus points ....more

stitched pillow and happy friday!

I've been secretly flashing this pillow on instagram for a long time. I was kind of hoping it would encourage me to finish it finally, and I think it did the trick! This pillow was started when I taught at Camp Stitchalot last December ....more

jungle ave knit plantain dress

Heya! I'm so so pumped about this dress. I will be guaranteed to be spotted around town wearing it ....more

Poolside Tote Testers and your Poolsides

Of course no pattern would be complete without pattern testers. I am so grateful for the feedback they give me. And I'm also grateful they share their time and talents with me ....more

essential shorts: Make it Perfect pattern parade

A pair of shorts for me! I'm so happy Toni asked me to join in on her pattern parade. I loved her Essential Shorts when they first came out, but it was too cold in these here parts for shorts! ...more

Poolside Tote Pattern

Hi friends! It's here finally. My newest pattern the Poolside Tote is ready for all your summer sewing adventures ....more

Union St. Tee Pattern Tour

It's summer! And my closet is looking pretty empty. I have a lot of dumpy tees great for running in, but I need a few things that'll look a bit nicer ....more