how we (try our best) to live with less

"the world gets a lot bigger when you're living small" i never want to come across as an expert on this space. ...more

loving lately...

> beach trips that include sweaters and bundling. on the north pacific side of the bay the summer days are chilly and windy and all kinds of lovely. > this book, Comforts from Romans, by Elyse Fitzpatrick ....more

oh, tahoe!

my sweet grandmother invited us up to her tahoe condo for two nights a weekend ago. i grew up in the bay area and then lived in tahoe for six years before moving to charleston. so i got to show our kiddos my old home and all the things i enjoyed there ....more

a golden birthday girl

it's our golden haired girl's golden birthday this week. her first birthday in the golden state. : ) ...more

living with less in the land of a lot

last fall in charleston, we finally felt like we were getting ahead in the finances department. ...more

taking stock


living simply :: part 1

sarah, tsh, my new friend and almost name twin, charissa, and me a few months ago, with my friend sarah, i had the opportunity to visit a cute little coffee shop in san francisco for a book signing and meet + greet with Tsh Oxenreider. ...more

too wonderful

proverbs 3:5-6 has always been a verse i've kept close - ...more

hope spoken tickets go on sale tonight!

ladies, tickets go on sale midnight tonight (EST) for hope spoken HERE. ...more

the rescue is coming

there is a certain heaviness in our hearts right now, a weightiness that comes with waiting on the Lord. ...more