Test #3

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Test post #2

My feed. Hate it. I do ....more

Family Systems ON SALE

Getting Back from Spring Break is like a breath of fresh air to me. It’s time to finish the school year out RIGHT and throw away the things that have been bogging me down since Christmas. I’ll be headed back to my workout routine and I thought you might like a little zip in your step to help YOU get a little more done! ...more

Allowance for Kids

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Updated Blog Income Spreadsheet

I’m thrilled that so many people have downloaded my spreadsheet. ...more

Organize Receipts!

I hate receipts. ...more

Inducted on Pregnant Chicken

Last time it was poop, this time it’s induction. ...more

Establishing a Before School Routine

Obviously, I spend a great deal of time doing my hair, and plenty of time to pray and commune with God. ...more

This Guy

I normally don’t allow schmoopy-ness on this blog. ...more

What Do you Do When Your Kids are at School?

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