Blair's First Trip to the Movies

Blair's class went to the theater to see Frozen, and it was Blair's first trip to the movies. And maybe the last. My busy babies are not cut out for the movies ....more

Kindergarten Girl

Today was the first day of Kindergarten. What?! Yes, we have an almost 6 year old in Kindergarten ....more

The Waffle House

Growing up with Waffle House. Yum....more

Leighton 21 Months

Leighton's almost two years have flown by faster than Blair's it seems. Splitting time is tough. And bless Blair, she's quite the demander of time....more

Leighton 19 Months

This month we have seen Leighton's vocabulary and word attempts take off. He pretty much will attempt most any word he hears, and I already see improvement in words he's been saying. Cereal has come from "eee" when he first started saying words to "ee-all" and now "cee-all." And phone was "gone" and now "pone." He attempts all kinds of words with ee on the end, leaving out the middle: po-ee (potty), soh-ee (sorry), bu-ee (buddy) ....more

Beautiful Days and Favorite Things

We have had some beautiful days this week, so the children and I have been playing outside a good bit....more

She's Five Part 2: The Fair


Pearly Whites

Blair went to the dentist for a cleaning this week, and she was looking forward to it. She loves Dr. Margaret and Whitney at Pediatric Dentistry of Central Georgia ....more


I don't know if "sillies" is even a word, but that's what we have here in our house. A bunch of sillies....more

Nurse Blair

Blair's being in the hospital and them having to have a CT has given her more IV experience than she has wanted. But she's not afraid to give her babies an IV! Poor things!...more