Marcella’s Ingredienti

A few years after Susan and I moved to our home in Connecticut, about two hours from New York City where I grew up, we decided to plant a small vegetable garden in our backyard. The patch we chose — we had few options back then — was sloping and irascible: while it got limited but strong sun every day, it also backed up to a thicket in which an entire family of woodchucks had taken up residence. It was like The Vince Lombardi Rest Stop...more

Forgetting How to Cook

It’s the past that tells us who we are. Without it, we lose our identity. – Stephen Hawking ...more

An excerpt from my new memoir, Treyf: My Life as an Unorthodox Outlaw

I’m excited to announce that my...more

On Writing and the Permission to Succeed

Interviewer: You mentioned getting permission to write. Who gave it to you? Morrision: No one ....more

A Moral Imperative and a TEDx Talk

Click here to view the embedded video. Some years ago, Susan and I went to visit one of her cousins, an older lady, at the assisted living facility she had moved into a year...more

New Year, New Who?

The new year started...more

My Holiday Wish For You

I wish for you this holiday season… Peace Light Health Happiness Getting outside Community Poetry Maira Kalman Music Devotion A good box of pencils EGG Eggs and soldiers A magical story Vulnerability Edna Lewis A bright taste A quiet moment Wisdom Civility Craft as spiritual practice Flavor Simplicity A recipe that takes over your kitchen...more

Quiet in the Storm

Months ago, when the manuscript I’ve been working on...more

Ghosts at My Table

In the fall of last year, Susan and I had a...more

This is the work of life.

It was a gorgeous night — all peepers and frogs, and dry as a bone after two days hot and wet enough to melt glass — and I spent much of it sitting on our front porch with Addie, our [almost] fifteen-year-old Yellow Lab, who came to us at seven-years-old having been dumped by her people...more