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A Poem and 3 Books

In the spirit of wishing you a very merry Christmas, here’s a poem that I was invited to share here on the blog and a link to three books I’m looking forward to reading. Son Son of Adam, Son of Man Son of David, Abraham Son of Joseph, royal line Son of Mary, Son Divine Son of God, Son of Man Son of He who am I AM Son of the Most High, Holy One God the Father’s beloved Son. –...more

Christmas Grief and Remembering Those Who Mourn

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, the chaos and clutter, the preparations and perpetual carols, it’s easy to forget/ignore/overlook the many who grieve at this time of year. Those people are in my heart in a special way this year. A week ago, a friend texted me and asked me to pray for her nephew who was being rushed to Children’s Hospital ....more

Christmas Still Means Hope

I’ve had perhaps the worst Advent in the history of ever in terms of doing what I set out to do. Though the kids have checked the Advent calendar each day, we have a to-do pile of the things we haven’t done. (So, on second thought, more candy, less to-do things on that list for next year…) While we’ve mostly remembered to put up a new figure on our Nativity Advent Calendar, it hasn’t been without some a few “oh look kids, three days’ worth to do” moments ....more

Commercials Worth Rewatching (No, Really)

In the spirit of “this is my blog and I shall share the things I want to find again,” I hereby present my two favorite commercials, the ones that, when they come on TV during our regularly scheduled football programming, have him rewinding and replaying...more

3 Good Books – Call em Gifts to You from Me

I read a lot. (Though not so much lately, much to my sobbing chagrin.) And so, as I was putting together my book post for today, I tried to think of three books that would be great for you, or for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list. Not that any of YOU are still shopping ....more

Face-to-Face with the Reality of Advent

He stood there, transfixed, his head titled back, looking up. He was right in front of the altar, his trucks and tractors forgotten behind him. “Mommy, what happened to him? ...more

My New Favorite Rosary

As it turns out, it’s not an ACTUAL rosary in the “something I hold in my hands” sense of the word. It’s a new Rosary...more

Small Successes that Feel HUGE

So, I’ve been working a lot more. (And blogging a lot less? Well ....more

Let’s Support Young Moms

I have a passion for pregnancy centers. You might recall that, after my book came out, I asked you to help me donate it to a number of centers around the United States. When I heard about Chaunie Brusie’s big hairy goal, I was excited ....more

Advent Wreath Trifecta [Updated]

I offered to host Advent wreaths for people who don’t have blogs for the Advent Wreath link-up over at...more