Curt Schilling’s Twitter Story Sheds Light on Rape Culture

You may have heard, and if you’re from Red Sox Nation then you definitely heard, the latest on Curt Schilling. The former Red Sox pitcher tweeted about his daughter’s acceptance into a college athletics program and much of the response he received was nothing short of vile. A few people tweeted the most graphic, most […] The post Curt Schilling’s Twitter Story Sheds Light on Rape Culture appeared first on Hello Ladies ....more

How to Reframe Your Thoughts for Success

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Thank Goddess It’s Friday

I love how Friday shows up every week. Don’t you? As seems to be the norm, it was an intense week....more

4 Oscar Moments To Discuss Monday Morning

Even before Neil Patrick Harris welcomed attendees and viewers to the event where we, “honor Hollywood’s best and whitest. Sorry, brightest,” Tinsel Town women were giving us something to talk about. Here are four Oscar moments for women to discuss. 1 ....more

Thank Goddess It’s Friday

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In Fact I Do Want to Build a Snowman

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Introducing the Mogul, Mom & Maid Manifesto

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Ignorant Legislator of the Week

Welcome to the Ignorant Legislator of the Week club Representative Brian Kurcaba. During a debate about abortion restrictions, Kurcaba, a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, R-Monongalia, said “obviously rape is one of the most egregious acts anyone can ever do to someone… but what is beautiful is the child that could come […] The post Ignorant Legislator of the Week appeared first on Hello Ladies ....more

Thank Goddess It’s Friday

Thank goddess it’s Friday. Two more feet of snow this week and maybe more on the way? But the important thing is we we made it through another week...more