Best Hotel Ever?

Sexy Nerd, business traveler extraordinaire. Welcome Mr. Wartman! ...more

Bull Snake

Sexy Nerd and I are finally, finally almost ready to break ground on our mountain dream home. How much longer has it taken than we'd expected? Well, I thought we'd have been living in the house a long time ago! ...more

Amerisleep Coupon

Amerisleep Coupon! Amerisleep Coupon! Amerisleep coupon! ...more

Late to the Party

Hey, guess what? Go to After years and years of blogging, I finally have my very own custom domain name! ...more

What to Do If Your Dog Pulls Out a Claw

We had a bit of a drama-filled afternoon today. I stepped out of the shower, only to discover the floor drenched in blood! Somehow, Pica had caught one of her toenails on her baby gate and ripped it right out ....more

52 Weeks

I've been updating my site (surely you noticed!) and have several new features in the works, including a 52 week series of simple, self improvement posts. Stay tuned for more! And in the meantime, here's a peek at the new blog banner that didn't quite make the cut: Nyah, nyah! ...more

Lizard's Visit to the Pediatric Dentist

Recent posts from my office Facebook: Thursday, 4/14/16 at 1:27pm You might expect to hear rambunctious children at a pediatric dental office, but you've never heard anything like the shrieks that just came from our front office staff. Somehow, a GIANT LIZARD HAS GOTTEN INTO OUR OFFICE and he is scampering around underneath Marie's desk! In more than 30 years of practicing dentistry, this ...more

Luxury Home Photos

Probably to my builder's dismay, I'm constantly seeking inspiration for the house we're building. It makes it impossible to settle on a design! My favorite sites for home photos are not Pinterest or Houzz, but ones like Redfin, Zillow, and Sotheby's, where all the photos are real-life homes (not staged for a magazine) and unique ....more

Staples Coupon $30 Off a $60 Purchase

Happy Saturday, everyone! I had a wasted day, re-watching the Desperate Housewives series and napping, then went into manic-mode around 5pm to compensate for all the laziness. Since then, I've organized my closet, cleaned my shoes and sorted them into piles to keep, give away, and attempt to sell ....more

Email From My Dad

Reading this made me feel a lot better. Also, my suspicion is that the problem with #9 is the cemetery sold my family plots, then re-sold the same plots to double their profits and it's finally catching up to them. ...more