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Parental Guidance {Babyganics Product Review}

I receive free products from Guidance Guide for review purposes but my opinions are all my own. Finnegan has just reached the confident sitter stage, which might be the very best baby stage. I can plop him down on the floor and there’s a 95% chance he won’t fall over ....more

My Week(333) in iPhone Photos

Not that 333 actually represents anything especially meaningful, but it does seem like a ridiculously high number of weeks to have been doing this. When I started I only had ONE KID. Sunday: LAND SHARK Just a few more sink baths before he’s big enough for the real tub Adjusting my camera, my Sigma Art is still on point Monday: And THIS is the grocery store I just finished terrorizing! ...more


There isn’t much going on here right now, besides just life. Busy, messy, noisy, imperfect life. There are no more babies coming, no super exciting new announcements or changes ....more

My Week(332) in iPhone Photos

My husband does this thing where he sits right next to me on the couch and checks my blog. I often point out to him if he hasn’t SEEN me blogging it probably didn’t happen, because my hands are pretty full during the day. He still checks it ....more

Adulting: Housework

Ever since Christmas, I’ve been on a mission to have a clean house. I read the Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up. I joined some organization groups on Facebook and revived my Pinterest boards dedicated to improving my home ....more

My Week(331) in iPhone Photos

Between sick kids and cold weather I feel like I’ve been trapped in the house forever. If you’re in a similar situation, here’s today’s tip: Buy Moana and watch it at least 10 times. It’s amazing ....more

My Week(330) in iPhone Photos

Right now, the kids are about to walk out the door to school (note, I wrote this yesterday). If I was a nice mom, I would have reminded them to bring me their lunch boxes so I could make home lunch. But they’re busy playing, so they forgot ....more

Finnegan: 6 Months

{Lincoln 6 months, Caroline 6 months, Evan 6 months} Happy Half-Birthday to Baby Finnegan! This has been both the longest and shortest six months of my life. Somehow knowing this is the last newborn I’ll have has made every day more…everything ....more

Half Birthday

I’ll have a real 6 monthday...more

My Week(329) in iPhone Photos

Basically all my photos this week are of children napping. But don’t let that fool you, that doesn’t mean I get to sleep at all. Hahahaha wouldn’t that be nice ....more