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Lincoln: 3 Years Old

I wasn’t going to do a birthday video for Lincoln because of his speech delay. He’s very hard to understand – even his siblings and I have trouble with his language on a daily basis and we “speak Lincoln”. He also doesn’t have words for a lot of things he might want to say, and I didn’t want him to get frustrated and have a break down because he couldn’t communicate ....more

My Week(347) in iPhone Photos

Plugging on, while I have two kids passed out and two kids watching Lord of the Rings, which should keep them entertained for approximated 4832 hours. Sunday: Matching father-son kayaks THIS is a vacation Moana needed help with the wifi’ Monday: Pretty serious relaxing Rain delay Dreaming about Disney World Tuesday: It’s tubing time Big helper Really excited about watermelon Wednesday: The only photo I took, but at least I got everyone in it. Thursday: Busy baby Headed to swim call Dinner at the club Friday: Actual thing my dad got for Father’s Day MY CORN DON’T TOUCH IT Saturday: Waiting for his waffles Boating is exhausting Finn screams the whole time on the boat unless he’s nursing We’ve been go go go go all week – basically just to keep us sane and out of the house and not sitting here in the heat wanting to strangle each other – so having an at-home day feels SO PRODUCTIVE ....more

My Week(346) in iPhone Photos

This was Disney Week, which is incredibly depressing now. I mean, don’t get me wrong, looking at the pictures of our awesome time is awesome. But right now life is so so so so so soooooo not as fun and carefree and awesome as Disney World ....more

My Week(345) in iPhone Photos

This is stupid. I’m literally more than a month behind and I should just quit doing this. But it feels unfair to quit before Finnegan turns 1 so I guess I’ll make that my goal even posting iPhone...more

It’s Pregnancy Season And I’m Not Pregnant

I’m at Target to pick up diapers and I’m pretty sure every other woman in the store is pregnant. I pass them everywhere: in the grocery aisle, in the baby clothes, wandering home decor. It’s 87 degrees with 95% humidity outside and all the pregnant women are wearing tank tops and pushing toddlers in their carts stocked with goldfish crackers and beach buckets and ice cream ....more

Our First Disney Trip: What I Learned That Can Help You Plan

I am not, nor will I ever claim to be, a Disney World expert. But considering our trip was the first time I had been in 15 years and the first visit with kids, our week was remarkably smooth and fun. So here is a summary (ha! ...more

Bathroom Remodel Hell

We interrupt this all-Disney, all-the-time blog to talk about how stupid my house is. My house is STUPID. REALLY STUPID ....more

Our First Disney Trip: Animal Kingdom

Previously: Non-park days, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot By Friday, I was afraid I wouldn’t actually make it out of bed. The thought of putting my shoes on made me want to cry. But I also really, really wanted to see Pandora and go on the Everest roller coaster and do the safari ride and meet Donald Duck and, funny enough, none of that stuff was available in my hotel room so off to the Animal Kingdom we went! ...more

Our First Disney Trip: Epcot

Previously: Non-park days, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios Our Thursday at Disney World was supposed to be all Epcot: a calmer day to walk around the World Showcase, ride a couple exciting and a lot of less-exciting rides, eat things, drink things, and meet a bunch of princesses. But because our Jedi Training on Wednesday was cancelled, we had Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios first thing in the morning before we even started Epcot. Because Epcot didn’t open until 9 and our check-in for training was 9:40, we actually had a “relaxing” morning ....more

Our First Disney Trip: Fashion

I wrote most of this post before we left on vacation, so I’m just adding notes and photos, which is why some of it sounds like we haven’t gone yet. This is where I admit I went WAY SUPER OVERBOARD with our Disney trip outfits. I started with a plan to get us matching family Disney shirts for just our first day in the Magic Kingdom ....more