Seriously, I do. The fungal sponge-y growth that someone, somewhere, some time ago, thought it would be okay to eat, is one of my favorite ingredients. Especially the wild varieties, like oyster, chanterelle, lobster -- all the names that don't evoke the idea of mushroom ....more

Mixed Plate: Summer's Last Rites and Just Letting Life Happen

Er...mah....gurd. Yes, I'm alive. And yes, I realize it's been freakin' FOREVER since I posted ....more

OMG a Recipe: Adventures in Backyard Camping

There's camping. There's Glamping. And now there's Backyard Camping, or what some may consider Misanthropic Glamping ....more

UnRecipe: Put 'Em On the Grill!

Yes, this latest post title is inspired by 90's classic, Sir Mix's "Put 'Em on the Glass," but of course this is far less boobtastic and way less sexist. Rant = Over. This sometimes joyous, sometimes way-too-flippin'-hot summer is a constant challenge when it comes to meal prep ....more

OMG a Recipe: Summer-Greens... Make Me Feel Fiiiine....

I must be crazy from the heat, giving all the post titles musical themes. I blame you, Blazing Orb of Fire in the Sky. I BLAME YOU ....more

FoodTrek: From Vegas to Seattle - To There and Back Again

It had been too long since I'd had a proper adventure, and what other place is fit for adventuring than Sin City itself, Las Vegas? The last time I was there, I made it a point to Skip the Strip (Aug 2013 post), and I continue this very satisfying pattern of avoiding the bright lights, big city, celeb-chef-land of trendy restaurants and frankly everything imported, but nothing truly local. I've ...more

UnRecipe: Summertiiiiiiime.... and the Livin's Easy....

I don't know about you, but Summer Lovin's got me lazy as hell. The heat doesn't help inspire energy, but even when the blessed mild summer days (and by mild, I mean mid 70's -- anything beyond that, and we all turn into big PNW crybabies, myself being the crybabiest of the crybabies.) I'm still keeping up with our weekly produce delivery, as well as our happily flourishing herb garden in the ...more

Mixed Plate: Public Shame Shell Game and Frankenstein's Monster

I know, it's funny, right? I saw this magnificently hilarious meme make the rounds on Twitter after Paula Deen's latest public snafu, or Brownfacegate, as I'd like to call it. I thought, Oooh, BURN -- what a perfect Interweb-ready image to represent Deen's firing of a social media manager after Tweeting an inappropriate photo! ...more

FoodTrek: Edible Artistry at Salish Lodge's Chef's Studio

Summer in the Northwest isn't all backyard barbecues and camping trips, we can shirk our Birkenstocks for a lovely sit-down dinner that takes advantage of the precious growing season that gives this region such a noteworthy culinary reputation. I had the pleasure of previewing a new dining space at Salish Lodge and Spa, their freshly-minted Chef's Studio, that offers a unique, hands-on approach ...more

OMG a Recipe: Konquering Kiwi

Food Confessional: I'm just not that into kiwi anymore. It's important to say "anymore," because as a kid, I LOVED kiwi. The first time I had it, I felt so proud of myself for eating something so strange and exotic, and really enjoying the tart/sweet fruit with its edible fuzzy skin and inner ring of crunchy seeds ....more