Sasha Socks

Just finishing up a pair of socks I'd like to share with you. These are the Sasha Socks which can be found on Ravelry. An easy pattern which knits up quickly ....more

Ruffled Scarf

Glenn's girlfriend is going away to college so I decided to make her something pretty. Very easy and a lot of fun. It's the Gillian Ruffle Scarf I waited till the last minute so I've been a knitting fool the last week but I got it done just in time and with about a foot of yarn left over ....more

Country Birthday!

As previously stated, we went upstate last weekend. Best. Weekend ....more

Country Weekend

This weekend we're going away to the country to see our sister in law. Actually she's my ex-sister in law. We decided that even though she and my brother in law divorced, we didn't divorce her! ...more


Oh wow I didn't realize I hadn't posted in such a long time! My stealth knitting has taken up a lot of my time so I haven't been able to post much but I finally got a chance to make a little something for myself.These are the Jeck socks: I love these! Fun knit and really cute ....more

Mermaid Parade

Not much to say really. Went to the beach. Did this: Still working on that damn pair of socks.Glenn & I ate this: Then walked the boardwalk and saw this lovely creature: Had an awesome time ....more

Sneaky, Sneaky!

Ok that post title was done in a sing song voice in my head. You may do the same if you so choose.The knitting mojo has waned lately. I've been busy, my sister visited for a month, we went away for a week, end of school for Patrick, so I've just not had a lot of time to knit lately ....more


I had good intentions. I really did.I started these socks for a family member who shall remain nameless because she's been waiting a long time for a pair of socks from me. They're the Skyp Socks on Ravelry ....more


Glenn gave me the best Mother's Day present this year. Cold hard cash. I spent it the best way possible - on yarn ....more

Stealth Knitting

There's a certain someone who lives in my house *cough Patrick cough* who will be leaving for college next year. I can't believe my baby is leaving for college in a little over a year! He'll probably be going upstate which can get cold ....more