A Sweet Spoonful

I'm a freelance food writer, blogger, and I run a Bay-Area based baking business called Marge. We specialize in classic American pies and other nostalgic treats like oreos and pop-tarts. On the blog I cover different old-fashioned baking recipes, travel stories, and profiles. In my spare time, I love yoga, collecting vintage cake stands, and bakery-hopping my way across the Bay Area.

My blog is called A Sweet Spoonful

Black Bean Quinoa Burgers with Green Goddess Sauce

Come July you can (too) often find me at the nursery stocking up on plants, cursing myself for not getting out into the yard sooner. Last year I texted my mom a photo of all the annuals I bought in late July and she gently reminded me they’d probably die in six weeks. This year, I was determined to get started before our July 4th barbecue and, true to form, managed to wait until the last minute ....more

Farro Salad with Lentils, Corn, Tomatoes and Feta

I’ve been in the slow process of cleaning out my home office this week, and yesterday I stumbled upon some notebooks containing previous year’s Summer Bucket Lists (if you may recall, I used to write sort of elaborate lists of things I wanted to learn, see or accomplish during the summer season). Scrawled throughout these pages were lines about baking sourdough bread, starting a garden for cut flowers or taking a road trip and discovering new towns in the region (or beyond). This year I don’t have such a list ....more

Raspberry Rhubarb Compote

I’m leaving town on a red eye tonight to go to my little sister’s bridal shower outside of Boston. I’ve got my scarf-that-doubles-as-a-blanket all packed and am debating buying one of those neck pillows at the airport. My mom booked a fancy hotel downtown, I bought a new tank top with a tropical palm tree situation gracing the front, and I plan to sleep past 7 am at least once ....more

Samin’s Tahini Dressing

Years ago, when...more

Honey-Roasted Strawberry Muffins

I sat down to write this Mother’s Day post a few weeks ago, and was so looking forward to sharing these strawberry muffins with you. I’d planned to write a simple enough post on motherhood, a dispatch of sorts, 18 months in. But as the days ticked on and I stared at my screen, I found myself constantly hedging and apologizing and acknowledging how hard this thing is for so many: to get pregnant, to stay pregnant, to find a community as a new mom, to continue feeling like yourself, or some semblance of the self you remember, to be the kind of mom you always thought you’d be, to be ok — periodically — with letting the kind of mom you’d always wanted to be … go ....more

Five Favorite Spring Cookbooks

It’s the first sunny day in Seattle in a very...more

Vegetarian BLT with Creamy Avocado Basil Spread

Last month when I was in Los Angeles, I ate at a few vegetarian and vegan cafes with...more

Double Chocolate Almond Loaf Cake

Depending on where you live, spring is or is not showing her face. She sure does seem to be a big tease this year, doesn’t she? I remember late February last year walking around the UW campus admiring the cherry blossoms, and this year they’re finally drooping and draping across streets and we’re creeping our way through April....more

A Weekend in LA

It’s taken me a few weeks to come back down to earth after all of your generous comments on my last post. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for taking time out of your busy schedules to let me know what’s resonating with you on the site and what you’d love to see more of! I carefully considered each and every one ....more

Laura’s Eggplant “Bolognese” Pasta

I’m sitting here in my bright, sunny 9th floor Los Angeles hotel room staring out at the Hollywood Hills, drinking odd boxed water (Ohhhh, L.A.) with room service iced coffee on the way. I should be checking out one of the many cafes I’ve been wanting to try or exploring Koreatown...more