Would You Choose Beautiful?

When I saw this video shared this morning, and felt that familiar tightness in the chest, and the welling of the tears, I knew I needed to share it as well....more

Those First Few Weeks

They’re fleeting, those first few weeks. A baby is born, and for a short while time stands still. And then it speeds up… That first 24 hours, you stare in wonder, heart about to burst with the deepest of loves ....more

Pregnancy Report {38 Weeks}

Well, any thoughts, hopes, or dreams of the chance that maybe, just maybe, just this once, I might possibly go even a tad bit, dare I say it,...more

Pregnancy Report {37 Weeks}

Well, things are getting real. I mean, it’s not like they haven’t been real all along, but there’s a whole ‘nother layer of real of this point. I could have a baby any day now… Seriously ....more

Pregnancy Report {36 Weeks}

The last couple of weeks have been rough. And I’m not even talking about the discomforts of the last few weeks of pregnancy… Some form of creeping crud crept in and managed to take down 7 of our 9 children. The week of Christmas got progressively worse each day, until despite my best efforts to push fluids, vitamins, rest, and asthma meds in order to stay away from the local clinic & hospital (which has been inundated with flu-like junk), I knew in the wee hours of the morning, Friday, December 26th, that it was time to take 12 yr old Grace in to the ER ....more

Not How I Was Planning to Spend New Year’s Eve

This was my New Year’s Eve. Stuck in the hospital, with Hope, my second asthmatic daughter to land in the hospital with pneumonia in the past week. Uffda ....more

Pregnancy Report {32 Weeks}

I have never felt so big, so early. I would post a pic, but I’ve been too lazy ...more

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel {Sunday Songs}

**Disclosure – This post contains affiliate links** O Come, O Come, Emmanuel ...more

Pregnancy Report {26 Weeks}

It’s official. Yes, I’m officially large. I’ve definitely transitioned from that earlier stage when people are surprised at how not-very-pregnant I look, to the point where people are surprised at how very-very-pregnant I seem to suddenly look ....more