The End (Or The Beginning)

It started 5 years ago today, the end of 2009, with a post titled “The Beginning (Or The End)“. I was committed to my anonymity, sure that I would never share any photos or details pertinent enough to lead to my real life or name. Because the internet was full of dangerous strangers, and I refused to compromise myself in such a way ....more

Week in Review: Santa Fail

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know I did, spending it with some of my very favorite people: Before we jump into the full Week in Review, I still need your help with something! In just a few weeks, I am jumping into a frozen lake in order to raise money for the Special Olympics of Alaska ....more

November Stitch Fix Review

So, some of you might have noticed that I skipped last month’s Stitch Fix review. I swear, I was planning on doing it – but the box came in the middle of Cheeks’ bout with the flu, and everything was a bit hectic and crazed. I barely had time to try the clothes on and send them back, let alone clean myself up enough to take pictures ....more

Week in Review: My Little Jetsetter

Cheeks and I arrived at the airport in Alaska at 7:30 yesterday morning (after I had been up until past 3 in the morning packing) and we landed in Arizona at 5:30 last night. I will admit, I was unusually nervous about this trip. Even though Cheeks has always travelled well in the past, she is older now ....more

Week in Review: Countdown to Goodbye

Some point after I hit “publish” on last week’s Week in Review, it hit me: that was one of the last posts I am going to write for this blog. It’s been a while since we last talked about it, but this blog has an expiration date – and that date is quickly coming! The truth is, I’ve kind of felt ready to move on from this space for a while ....more

Week in Review: All-Nighters and Election Frenzy

I don’t know about you, but I tend to get really excited about politics. Not so much the negative ads or the horrible politicians, but more the idea of people using their voices for change and voting on the issues that matter most to them. So Tuesday night, I was up awaiting election results and pulling a work all-nighter ....more

Week in Review: Quarantined

So you all know how I had ebola two weeks ago, right? Well… that damn bug lingered. Like, forever ....more

Week in Review: Getting Into The Spirit

I have always been a Grinch. In fact, in my entire adult life, I have never once decorated for Christmas. Ever ....more

Week in Review: Learning to Dance in the Rain

No daycare for Cheeks today, so we’re off having a mommy and me fun day! First gymnastics with some friends, then a trip to the pool. Back home for a nap, and then heading out tonight to a backyard bonfire ....more

Week in Review: Must be Ebola

Well, it’s official: I have Ebola. And by “official” I mean, of course, that Google has confirmed it. At some point on Tuesday, I started running a fever ....more