envisioning change

When we moved to Arizona from San Diego we sold almost all our furniture because a) we knew we would be in my parents' house and wouldn't need anything nor did we want to store it and b) a lot of our stuff was cheaply ...more

father's day 2014

It's been a rough week. First, David got really sick, which was brutal for everyone. Sometimes I forget just how much help he is around the house and with our children, but when he feels as crummy as he has been, I felt like I was drowning ....more

lemon garlic chicken orzo soup

You're probably asking, "Why on earth is this pregnant woman, who has been complaining about the heat, making soup in the middle of summer in Arizona?" Well, I asked myself this same question last night as I was sweating over the stove but there's really one simple answer: I love my husband. David was feeling really crummy with a sore throat and kind of achy yesterday so I told him I would make ...more

summer swimming

Last week the boys started taking swimming lessons from my niece, Jamie. Last year, it was just William but, this summer, I decided to start Fritz as well. I was hoping that having them in a class together would make it easier on William (who is scared of the water and very strong-willed about not getting in) ....more

9 months

I am now in the final homestretch of this pregnancy, also known as the last few weeks where pregnant women start to plead unsuccessfully with their unborn child to end their misery. I'm being a little dramatic but since it's been record breaking temperatures here in Arizona (110 already!) and our air conditioning isn't working 100%, I feel incredibly crabby and achy. Luckily, I had my last ...more

beaching weather

David's dad recently turned 70 so we went to celebrate in San Diego last weekend. It was lovely and just the right amount of warmth but still cool and balmy - perfect beach weather. The boys were in heaven and got some fantastic tan lines ....more

angel baby shower

My wonderful, wonderful friends (Lela, Erin, Stephanie, Kristi and Aarean) threw me a baby shower while we were in San Diego this weekend (more on that later). I have been so spoiled by my San Diego friends as new friends right after we moved when I was pregnant with William and then another adorable Peter Rabbit/book theme shower when I was pregnant with Fritz. Needless to say, I felt a little ...more

road trip

I'm often teased about how often we go to San Diego (I mean, "Sahn Dee-ah-go"), but when it's 105 here in Arizona already, can you blame us? David's dad is turning 70 this weekend so we'll be beaching it up and enjoying some good weather for the next few days (I'm hoping to sneak away for a pedicure too!). Plus my dearest girl friends are throwing me a baby shower and it makes me feel all weepy ...more

memorial day

Our Memorial weekend was spent doing chores. It was nice to have David home to do all the things on my "to-do list". He painted the dresser for baby girl's nursery + the nightstand (I can't wait to share the pictures - they turned out great!) and also painted the boy's headboards ....more


It seems like I am filling my Pinterest board with inspirational quotes these days. For some reason, I've been fighting the deep-seated "standards" of what it means to be beautiful. It's probably because I'm about to raise a daughter and the prospect of teaching her so many things that I haven't mastered myself, is really scary ....more