My name is Shawni and I am a wife and a mother to five of my favorite people.  I love to chronicle daily life through photography and musing about the day-to-day wonders (and chaos) of Motherhood on my blog (71toes.com). Sometimes I think my children would not recognize me without my camera :). 

Bear Lake arrival and pre-reunion

Ahhhh, Bear Lake. I love it so much....more

adventures of city slickers at the farm

For a couple days, my little girls and I took on some farm life. You see, my sister and her family are pretty awesome temporary farmers in a pretty gorgeous corner of the world. I talked about our trip to visit them back HERE...more

the 4th

It's weird how life changes when your kids grow older. ...more

the big day (16)

Whoa.There is so much going on around here! ...more

a little snippet of Lucy's conviction

Lucy has a heart that has a firm connection to Heaven. The way she prays as we kneel by her bed at bedtime almost makes me tear up every time as such a beautiful spirit fills up her bedroom. Which is weird, because sometimes she just does not want to pray and makes me take a turn ....more

Grace's adventure in China begins...and how she got there with some guidance from Above

This girl of ours sent a text to our group family text at 6:51 this morning: ...more

soccer sorrow

Back in May Claire tried out for club soccer. ...more

Grace turns SIXTEEN

TODAY marks the day that this little sparkle of a girl turns into a beautiful sixteen-year-old. Oh! ...more

happy anniversary #22

Twenty-two years ago I married this man: ...and without going into too much gush since I'm sure he's feeling like I've done too much of that lately, I'll just say it was the best decision I ever made. No one I'd rather go through the thick and the thin with.Love you forever David Stuart ....more

a wing-dinger of a week

This week has been a doozey I tell you. ...more