My name is Shawni and I am a wife and a mother of five of my favorite people.  I love to chronicle daily life through photography and musing about the day-to-day wonders (and chaos) of Motherhood on my blog (71toes.com). Sometimes I think my children would not recognize me without my camera :). 

a few of my favorites from Elle's photoshoots (and a couple of Grace's too!)

Grace caught the vision and did a few shoots for her friends too. This wasn't a real "photo shoot" and one of her friends took it, but I thought it was cute. More later.. ....more

end of summer little things

The couple weeks between our road trip (back HERE) and school starting were pretty awesome as far as I was concerned....more

post school organization

Well, this is usually a "post school" deal, but this year it was a "pre school" deal because we barely got to it by the skin of our teeth before school started. We figured we better get rid of the old before we introduced the new.I love our "keepsakes" school files.And I praise my friend Nichole (who gave me the idea years ago) every time we pull these things out. There's a hanging file folder for each year they're in school from elementary to high school ....more

I love this.

Yes, Dads are important.How grateful I am for strong men who lead by example in every walk of life ....more

Friday Q & A -- China and how crazy we are :)

Yesterday I wanted to share the raw emotion of our China decision because it was a gut-wrenching one. ...more

some changes on the horizon

We have a big change coming up and I don't know how else to explain it except for just pasting in some excerpts from an email I sent to our families to explain why in heaven's name we are doing this crazy thing. ...more

Lucy's latest

Lucy was kind of excited to start school this year. Here's a close-up of those cute girls waiting for the bus. ...more

road trip 2014 -- the final chapter...beauty on steroids

Ok seriously, there are some pretty places on this earth of ours....more

road trip 2014 part 4 -- Utah gorgeousness

Man alive I spent a lot of my growing-up time in a pretty amazing state. ...more

road trip 2014 part 2 -- Lagoon

Ever since my parents introduced her to Lagoon, Grace has been drooling over going with the whole family. Every summer she begs. ...more