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Quick Craft: DIY "Honorary House Elf" Apron

Remember the House Elf apron I made for John to wear during our Potter Christmas Party? It really works for any time of year, so I thought I'd share the templates in case any of you'd like to make your own. But first......more

Epcot's New Festival of the Arts Is A Figment Love-Fest

On Friday John and I spent an exceptionally soggy day checking out Epcot's first ever Festival of the Arts. The rain may have put a damper on things - literally - but it also kept the crowds and temperature down, so I'll take it. Best thing of the whole Festival greets you right behind Spaceship Earth: FIGMENT TOPIARY!! ...more

January Art Roundup: Owls, Elves, and Phoenix Masks!

Time for more of my favorite geeky art finds! I skipped last month, so buckle up for plenty of eye candy. Starting with the gothic grunge styles of Vaughn Belak: Looove this one:...more

Eat Your Heart Out, Sorting Hat

John's been making custom Hogwarts House banners for group members over on Fans of Epbot the past several days, and now we've brainstormed enough funny ones that I think they have to be shared. Each graphic is a transparent .png, so just download your favorite and use any image program to layer it over your profile picture. We made 3 options for each House: » Read More ...more

Mailbag: How I Decorate, Purge, & Stay Organized

I got some fun questions last week from Jenny over on Facebook: Woo, that's a lot to cover! Ha! I get variations on all these questions every year after my House Tour, though, so since I'm feeling chatty, how 'bout I tackle some? ...more

So I Tried One Of Those Cheap Lens Kits For Your Phone...

Ever since I realized my iPhone 6 can rival my Canon 7D in picture quality, I've been leaving the Canon home more and more. And since I...more

Happy New Year! I'm In Love With A Chicken.

Happy 2017, everyone!For New Year's Eve John and I got wild and crazy and had some garlicy white pizza (Blaze at Disney Springs. SO GOOD.) followed by a vastly overdue viewing of Moana at our local theater. And oh ....more

Harry Potter Christmas Recap: Final House Tour & Video!

It's been nearly 3 weeks since our Potter Christmas party, so I figured I should finally show you guys the GOOD pictures. Plus last time I missed all kinds of fun details I want you to see! This will be a recap, so please forgive any repeats ....more

'Cuz It's Still OK To Smile

[Posting this here in addition to Facebook, just so I know you all get to see it.] I popped online today to tell you guys what a surprisingly delightful holiday weekend I've just had with family & friends - only to see the news about Carrie Fisher, and how nearly all my geek friends are grieving, and grieving hard. So just know I love you guys, and this community loves you, and we're here for you. It's OK to be sad, it's also OK to celebrate and be thankful for lives well lived ....more

World, Meet Hope. Hope, World.

I know you guys can tell: I've been dragging a bit lately. Nothing dire, just self-imposed busyness and stress and not allowing enough time for my batteries to recharge.It's easy to be sad around the holidays. It's easy to fall behind, and get buried ....more