5 Things That Changed with Pregnancy

Me and the Babe at nearly 12 weeks- I'm a bit behind with pictures! I'm not really talking about the physical changes, exactly. We all know (or at least suspect) there's a baby growing in there ....more

Pushing Back on the Winter Blues

My "Getting Healthy Mama" Instagram account didn't last long. I'm just not a person who keeps separate personal AND health and fitness accounts. I mean, really, I AM a person who likes to try a LOT of new things and can't seem to sit still (sometimes literally and sometimes figuratively) ....more

Getting Healthy Mama

I'm a strong believer in food as a foundation for a lot of things- community, energy, mood, quality of life... Yet there is this part of me that struggles with abusing. I'm not talking about treats ....more

My Ugly “I’m going to lose it!” Moments

This little spunkster just passed out. At 4:48 pm. Oh, it's been one of those days ....more

Sigh of Contentment

I am a woman with several balls in the air and only two hands. I know I am not alone in this. I know this is not a new thing, that balance isn't something found and then attained forever ....more

Dancing with Eachother

I realized yesterday that I've been entirely self-focused and as a consequence, debilitated by that. Even by writing this, I am talking about ME, engaging in navel-gazing, focused on how I perceive the world. Part of that is inescapable ....more

Fostering Q&A

I recently posted a request for questions on Facebook. Based on those questions alone, I have quite a few posts to write! Let me just put in my disclaimer here: I am not an expert on fostering ....more

Foster Mom

We said, "we couldn't be foster parents because we could never deal with loving a child and then giving them up." I laugh about that now because we are currently in process of training to become foster parents. They said, "we're going to tell you the horrible things these kids go through, what it's like to be them, so you know what to expect, so you're equipped to deal." And they do. I think it's been every week that I've thought OMG I didn't know what I was getting myself into! ...more

Do Mommy Wars exist?

One day, maybe I'll stop offering an explanation when a visitor walks into my house to find Nolan's eyes glazed over in front of the TV or he is eating crackers for lunch or he is refusing to do what I ask him to do. Maybe I won't. Maybe I shouldn't ....more

Real Food

I am... an ordinary person whose go-to means of interacting with the world is food. People don't have enough to eat and meat requires lots of crops? ...more