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Blood Shorties

Have you all missed me? Finals is upon me and all is chaos. Nonetheless, the need has arisen to clean out many tabs of items I had hoped to share with you ....more

Music Monday: Music Video 60s Style

Ladies and Gentlemen, THE BEATLES! George does look mighty uncomfortable ....more

Sex Ed in Clark County, Nevada

There is quite the local controversy surrounding exactly what students should be taught about their own bodies and sexuality in the 5th largest school district in the nation, Clark County School District. CCSD, to its credit, wants to teach more and make sure students get more accurate information. Students want that too ....more

Just What You Need

Just in case...more

The Grown-Up in the House

Here’s just a little round-up of things people are saying about John Boehner’s resignation. The consensus is that now there is no “adult supervision” of Republicans in the House of Representatives. It’s looking more and more like the House is headed towards the river on the road where there’s no bridge ....more

Music Monday: Valley Girl

Only because it’s Moon’s birthday. Warning: Dwezzil is looking quite a bit like his dad ....more

Burying the Shorties

Hey folks. Post server update, things are starting to get back to normal around here. BlogHer ads are running again ....more

Music Monday: Sometimes Regulation is Necessary

Usually not this kind, though ....more

Things I Learned at the Gym

Henry Rollins once said that the iron doesn’t lie. And he is correct. The treadmill doesn’t lie either ....more