I used to think that every birthday for Charlie would be increasingly difficult for me to wrap my thoughts around. Starting a long time ago,.. ....more


For the record, I have a black rain jacket and I do not, like the rest of our family unit, wear size large ....more

Soft Landing

For 8 1/2 years I was the Classics professor at Saint Peter's University in Jersey City. In December 2013, feeling the press of Charlie's future.. ....more

Best Pals Wear #21


Charlie Polytropos

Charlie's Winter Break began on Wednesday, December 16th. This is to say, he did not have school for 19 days, in (I am quite sure).. ....more

Turkey Twice

Did I say we are gratissimi* for so much? *'very/utmost/the most grateful' (Latin, superlative of gratus) ...more

Making Contact

And the next day, we did the other kind of riding into a 23 mph wind ....more

Some Reasons to Get Up At 4.30am to Go to an Autism Conference

IPP supported living supported employment independent living direct support a "quality management process" (as compared to the usual "quality assurance") self-determination legacy homes integrated communities.. ....more

The Metamorphosis or, iPads Into a Cloud of Dust

I feel like such a Luddite but I really do prefer actual, real, physical, tangible, can-mark-with-a-pencil-or-pen, paper books. For teaching languages, an e-book is dreadfully.. ....more