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I’m a writer specializing in politics, parenting, business, and public policy. My work has appeared in Atlantic Monthly and GOOD, as well as many blogs. I'm a former political science professor and a mom of two kids. I write about anything that crosses my path. 

I've been blogging for nine years at Apt 11D. Back when I started blogging, I was actually living in Apt. 11D - a four floor walk up in Manhattan with cockroaches in the kitchen and drug dealers on the front steps. Now I'm living in suburban New Jersey. I don't miss the cockroaches, but the drug dealers were fairly nice. 


Who Benefits From 529’s

Yesterday, we had a nice debate about 529’s. ...more

SL 648

A TV show about Bruce Jenner’s transformation? I’m totally gonna watch that. Andrew Sullivan is done ....more

The 529 Short Lived Debate

President Obama briefly, very briefly, suggested ending 529 plans, which are tax-free college savings accounts. The savings from ending those plans would fund his free community college proposal. He had to back down, because Republicans said that ending 529 was a direct hit on the middle class ....more

Boogie Woogie


A Failed Storm

The politicians and the weather forecasters were DE-LIGHTED yesterday, because disasters are good for business. “We’re gonna get THREE feet of storm. Lost of power ....more

Ian on Drums

It’s a blurry picture, but it makes me very happy. See that redhead?...more

Times Square


Storm Food

Something about a blizzard just screams “Cocktail Party!!” Here in the New York City area, we’re bracing for a three foot of snow blizzard. So, at 7:45 am, I was at the supermarket stocking up on fancy cheeses, bagel chips, and wine. It was funny to see what areas of the supermarket were cleared out ....more

Question of the Day — Sick Leave

Jonah has a 102 degree fever. He timed this illness perfectly to land right in the beginning of midterms. Poor kid is now looking at a long string of make up exams next week ....more

Putting Privilege in Perspective

We’re a very privileged group here on Apt. 11D. Sometimes we have to sit back and acknowledge that ....more