The Gardiner's Dirt

Way back in the summer of 2007 The Dirt was born. It was a place for my memories to rest while being a young mother in Arizona with a growing little family. Back then, we lived in a tiny apartment with two tiny babies. I stayed home and played Mommy while Easy worked at his career. Over the weekends we would explore the stunning Sonoran Desert together. 
Since then, The Dirt has become an avenue for my ideas to surface, experiences to share, and a place for friends to meet and chat.

After a short stop in Arkansas we have found ourselves in Colorado where the air is crisp and the mountains magnificent. We have 4 adorable daughters. And we both work hard and try as often as we can to get out and explore this amazing place.
I'm a wife. A mother. A registered nurse. I take photos. I cook. I create. I love. I believe - and I think I'm kinda funny.

we have spirit

A few weeks ago the girls had spirit week at school and it's always a good time....more


At the end of March Easy turned 35....more

Bye Bye Beige

Since the day we moved in I pretty much vowed that eventually I'd rid this house of the plaguing beige on every wall....more

Work Before Play

Back in February Ava participated in the school Science Fair. It was mandatory. I'm going to be honest with you ....more

Brace Face

At the end of February we said goodbye to the sweet unruly smile on GM....more

Fit for Little Girls

A couple of weeks ago I got out the paint roller again....more

So Cal in Sept with some desert on the Side

Like I said before, I can't believe this little family getaway of our slipped through the cracks. It was one of our favorites from last summer....more

Busy Valentine

Valentines Day is usually pretty simple around here, but since it landed on a 3 day weekend we extended it a bit. It all got started with the science fair....more

Sunny Days

Well, February started out as a dream....more


A few months ago we started reading Harry Potter....more