The Gardiner's Dirt

Way back in the summer of 2007 The Dirt was born. It was a place for my memories to rest while being a young mother in Arizona with a growing little family. Back then, we lived in a tiny apartment with two tiny babies. I stayed home and played Mommy while Easy worked at his career. Over the weekends we would explore the stunning Sonoran Desert together. 
Since then, The Dirt has become an avenue for my ideas to surface, experiences to share, and a place for friends to meet and chat.

After a short stop in Arkansas we have found ourselves in Colorado where the air is crisp and the mountains magnificent. We have 4 adorable daughters. And we both work hard and try as often as we can to get out and explore this amazing place.
I'm a wife. A mother. A registered nurse. I take photos. I cook. I create. I love. I believe - and I think I'm kinda funny.


We aren't really allowed to have chickens in our new neighborhood. Which makes me sad because we have these great fences here and a nice sized yard to house them. Plus I really really miss fresh eggs....more

Up to Date in ID

I feel like this is the first time in years that I'm actually up to date on The Dirt.Crazy because I feel like my life is currently (always) so busy that I shouldn't ever be up to date. We are learning that SW Idaho is beautiful. Particularly in the spring ....more


Back in February I had woken up around 4pm from my day-sleep after working the night before. I was in the kitchen getting ready to go back into work when Eric looked at me and softly said, "Hey babe, I have some bad news."...more

Spring Break 16

We went to my parents house in Nevada for the first part of spring break. I has just worked 3 shifts in a row so I slept in the morning then we took off that afternoon....more

Making it Ours

Our Idahome....more

Sunday Gardiners

Sunday Gardiners 3.6.16 ...more


Easter Girls...more

5 years RN

Back in February I celebrated (to myself in the elevator at work) 5 years of being a Registered Nurse....more

36 Easy Years

Last month Easy had another birthday....more

Jump Creek Thoughts

Early march brought green hills to western Idaho....more