Actual Jenny

Buckeye mama to Tar Heel triplets, lucky wife, former journalist, triumphant infertile & nerdfighter

‘Just like in the movie theater!’

As we get closer to age 4 for ETC, doing things as a family is getting more and more fun. Their attention spans are growing (sometimes), their interests are more firm, and they understand so much more. We live and die by routines around here, but there is nothing routine about our family entertainment experiences....more

‘Are they triplets?’

The triplet mamas who have gone before me (twin mamas, too!), told me it would happened. I knew it would eventually, but eventually seemed like a lifetime away. Eventually is here ....more

Kids & pink elephants don’t mix

I was out shopping with ETC recently, and we were following a woman walking with the help of a crutch. “What’s that, Mommy?” I’ve watched a lot of parents hush such questions, embarrassed that their young kids are pointing out someone’s physical difference. I’ve never seen anyone shoot curious kids dirty looks, but I’ve definitely [...] ...more

We’ll try again later

Rob and I love documentaries. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s the original Reality TV ....more

I thought I buried that

Capturing Hopes is a charitable organization based in North Carolina that provides free, professional NICU photography. They started in a small area and are working to expand across the United States (Perhaps the world?) When asked, my first piece of NICU-related advice is to find a professional photographer who will come in to document some [...] ...more

When the kids aren’t around …

It’s summer, folks. And while I’m all about summer and books...more

Down a rabbit hole to Crazytown

I received a private message on Instagram this weekend. It was from a random person – not someone who I follow or who follows me – and it basically said another Instagram user had stolen a photo from me and was saying it was her son....more

There’s no business like show business

How many of these monthly Netflix Stream Team posts have I written about RENT! now? Oh, so many ....more

Of course

I have fought ETC to bedtime for four consecutive nights (solo, I might add), and they’ve fallen asleep within minutes. Bliss. Except, OF COURSE I just now realize they have been overtired ....more

We were on a break!

Did you know that? Did you notice I’ve been ignoring you? Sorry ....more