Banana Chocolate Chip (Paleo) Muffins

Here it is you Instragramers! As promised: It is no secret I’ve been experimenting with paleo meals. ...more

Paleo Brownies

Soooooooooooooooo…this post can’t come without a bit of a preface…explanation…confession: I’m eating eggs…and sometimes fish… My vegan diet was amazing for a very long time. It treated me well and took very good care of me. But as many of you know, before I had Bar, I had a few miscarriages which led to a […] ...more

The Cold and Colds

It’s been freezing in these parts. ...more

As Promised…Recipes! Cabbage Soup

No need to reiterate I’m sure, but life has been crazy. ...more

More Posting…Coming Soon

Hey. Lots of you have been asking if and when I’m going to get back to regular posting. I am ....more

What To Expect Article

Hey you guys, I know I owe you all more posts. ...more

He Would Be 24 Today

Today is Jonny’s birthday. ...more

A Week of “Normal”

All day I planned on writing a blog post. ...more

Tragedy and Truth

Today my chest feels tight. ...more

First Steps to “Back at It”

Today a lot happened. After the morning shenanigans and errands, I made my way into the city. ...more