Navigating the Mothership

A 30-something mother of three who lives in a Minneapolis suburb with my husband Max (fake name!). Blogging away at Navigating the Mothership. A hippie-type, but mostly because I am all for not showering regularly (lazy reasons, obvs). It is still my dream to be a fly-girl for Justin Timberlake.

Meet Cat

Two weeks ago I was checking out the kitties available for adoption at a local shelter and found one that was especially striking to me. I texted Max her picture with the caption, “Are you my daddy?” No. Max did not feel he was the daddy ....more

Hodge Podge

1.Here is a makeup tutorial on how to make your eyes appear larger. (Remember I am now a lifestyle blogger.) Apply eye stickers to your glasses. DONE!...more

CTC’s The Snowy Day Review & 4-Pack Ticket Giveaway

Oliver and I saw the Children’s Theatre Company’s...more

Today, Yesterday

Three times a week it is just Lily and me at home in the mornings and on those mornings it feels like I am reliving 2011 when it was just little one-year-old Bella at home with me....more

Book Reviews: Creepy Murder Mystery Edition

Like many of you, I have read The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (really liked), Gone Girl...more

Chicken Noodle Soup

Did you know if you make your own chicken noodle soup from scratch it tastes really...more

How to Cook a Whole Chicken & Stock in the Crockpot

This recipe will create several cups of juicy shredded chicken along with approximately two quarts of rich and flavorful chicken stock. This recipe is...more

Children’s Theatre Company’s The Frog Bride: Review & Ticket Giveaway

Bella and I attended the Children’s Theatre Company’s latest show, The Frog Bride, on Saturday and I am excited to share our thoughts along with the opportunity for one of you local readers to earn a pair of tickets to the show. I was not familiar with this Russian folktale although elements did feel familiar to the Brothers Grimm’s story of...more

Blog Business: DITL Updates & Some Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

DITL Heads Up This is a heads up about a heads up. A double header! Julia is once again leading up...more

2016 New Year’s Resolutions: Take 2

When I left off at the last post I insisted I was going to be up at 5 AM...more