Navigating the Mothership

A 30-something mother of three who lives in a Minneapolis suburb with my husband Max (fake name!). Blogging away at Navigating the Mothership. A hippie-type, but mostly because I am all for not showering regularly (lazy reasons, obvs). It is still my dream to be a fly-girl for Justin Timberlake.

Life with Lily at (almost) 17 months

I haven’t done a Lily-centric post for a long while...more

Guest Contributor for BoldHeartMama’s Storytelling Series

My friend and fellow blogger Jacqueline of BoldHeartMama is currently featuring my contribution to her Storytelling Series which you can find here. ...more

Hotel Night

My big birthday present this year was a night at a hotel or in other words,...more

420 Months Letter

Dear Laura, Yesterday you turned 420 months old. It has been 60 months since I last wrote you a letter...more

I take it back. Not an “ARG” day after all.

Can I rescind my post from earlier? Because that is no longer an accurate representation of my day or mood. The kids were so good today ....more


My plans to have a few uninterrupted hours by myself have been foiled for the third time in four weeks by bad timing and illness. Sick and contagious kids means no sitter means…well, you know what it means. You just read my week in the life ....more

Week in the Life Summer 2015: Friday, July 17

5:15 AM – Lily wakes and I have Max get up with her because Lilz and I...more

Week in the Life Summer 2015: Thursday, July 16

This was the day where I never even put on a bra. Bow chica…womp womp. Okay, for realz now ....more

Week in the Life Summer 2015: Wednesday, July 15

This one really will be short. This was the day I took all the kids to urgent care and all three were diagnosed with strep. I wasn’t diagnosed from the rapid test but I was feeling worse and my throat was now sore so I went ahead and was put on antibiotics too ....more

Week in the Life Summer 2015: Tuesday, July 14

First up, congrats to Margot C for winning the Minions Giveaway that I hosted last week! And now the DITL…I will attempt to keep this one more brief just to...more