Navigating the Mothership

A 33-year-old stay-at-home mom of two young children and a baby in the Twin Cities. Blogging away at Navigating the Mothership. A hippie-type, but mostly because I am all for not showering regularly (lazy reasons, obvs). It is still my dream to be a fly-girl for Justin Timberlake.

Why I Recommend Hypnobabies Over Hypnobirthing

Short VersionTry Hypnobabies! Awesome med-free birthing prep option! It's the clear winner between the two methods in my opinion ....more

Mexican Chicken Soup (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Low FODMAP modifiable, Freezer-Friendly)

This soup is a favorite staple in our house and I made sure to get a few batches of it tucked away in the freezer before Lily was born. I am going to share both our family's original version and the modified low FODMAP version. Mexican Chicken Soup (Original) Serves 6-8 Ingredients2 T olive oil1 medium onion, diced1 bell pepper, diced 2-3 cloves garlic, minced1/2 Tbsp cumin (or more! ...more

HALO SleepSack Review & SleepSack/Swaddle Giveaway

I am back with another HALO review and giveaway! I love this partnership because it is a company whose products I have loved and used nearly nightly for almost six years. It is so sweet and cozy to zip your a baby or toddler into a SleepSack at naptime or bedtime and then when you find yourself zipping that next baby into the same SleepSack that big brother or sister once wore? ...more

The Parenting Tipping Point

I wanted to share the guest post that I wrote recently for Andrea of Mama in the City. She is a Vancouver mom of three in addition to being a labor and delivery nurse and she just had her third baby 10 days ago! I love hearing her perspective on all sorts of things so make sure to click over for some good reading and to see her sweet family ....more

Kids Meals + Meal Planning

First I want to point you in the direction of my meal-planning post that I wrote years ago: Meal Planning 101 (Feel quite free to mock this Pinterest-y picture that I made this afternoon.) This system continues to work for me and our family with only minor tweaks and changes here and there. I will fully admit to having times where I don't put much effort into meal planning and rely more heavily on Trader Joes freezer meals or take out but things seem back on track for the moment. Three babies in and I know my ability to be organized will ebb and flow.Onto the kids meals last week...Monday...more

It's the Freakin' Weekend

Baby, I'm about to have me some fun.First, a gift. From Busy Phillips' IG account to the world: I MEAN, COME ON. Heavenly ....more

5 Minute Chicken Curry with Spicy Sauteed Greens (Gluten Free, Low FODMAP)

This is something that is a consistent hit with our entire family, which actually really surprises me (especially the spinach) but I will take it! It's not the fanciest but its is FAST, which is key these days. I have also found it freezes quite well.5 Minute Chicken Curry with Spicy Sauteed GreensServes 4-6~ 4 cups shredded chicken*32 oz plain whole-milk yogurt (Low FODMAP: use lactose free yogurt such as Green Valley)1 T cumin2 T curry powder1 tsp salt5 oz fresh spinach or kale2 Tbsp of oil or butter or combo (I like 1 Tbsp butter and 1 Tbsp garlic oil)1/2 - 1 tsp Tabasco sauceSalt and Pepper Directions1 ....more

Ab Fab: Talking MuTu System & Diastasis Recti

I have been a fickle flower about doing my core exercises and other requirements to fix my diastasis recti but starting Monday, April 20 I am getting serious as I joined a Facebook support group thing-y for my exercise program of choice: MuTu System. I need some accountability and daily check-ins will certainly give me that. This is where my rule following ways can be quite helpful ....more

A Day in the Life: Spring 2015

I decided to hold off on the full WITL until the summer for a few boring-ish reasons so this is only a DITL. I never got out my big camera. I also never changed out of my exercise clothes (or exercised) or officially got ready or folded those 8 loads of clean laundry or...20 other things ....more

Talking Tetris

I am 75% done with my DITL post but even a 3 hour babysitter stint today wasn't enough to get it done. Arg. Hashtag bizarrely self-imposed blogger problems ....more