The Sassy One

I'm a wife, a mom, daughter of the one true King.  I'm blogging my way through my loves - hobbies, motherhood, recipes, crafts, and life in general.  

dear luca

sweet boy,Here it is, a big milestone of sorts - at least in my head. ...more

a slow down

This is the best day!...more

dear luca

Luca Love,Eight months old - you are sprawled across my lap resisting sleep, charming the socks off of me (a frequent thing) with the way you keep reaching your chubby little hand up to be kissed, pacifier crooked from the smiles....more

shape of a mother

Once upon a time I wrote something about my outward appearance after nearly ninety-two weeks of pregnancy....more

tales of summer

The dishwasher hums through its daily cycle of work and I can hear the sound of Eisley sleeping soundly from the living room: her claimed sleepover spot....more

real life

It has been weeks since Luca has slept well....more

dear luca

sweet boy,Two days late, but Aunt Moo and you have a special connection with dates....more

mother's day 2015

I got lost in a sea of old pictures this morning - I can't believe most of them are so far gone, some tucked away permanently while others have been forgotten. ...more

things of the moment

The weather outside seems perfect for too much coffee, a book read cover to cover, and some DVR catchup, maybe possibly with a side of thin mints. ...more

dear luca

mr. handsome,Half a year. ...more