Learning to Read: Baseline

While living in China, I read a fantastic book by Peter Hessler called, “River Town.” In the book, Hessler writes about his timing as a Peace Corps volunteer living in a remote town in Fuling, China. At the time, I resonated with much of what I read, but now, seven years later, there is one part of the book that remains most distinctly in my memory. In Chapter Three, Hessler describes going for a run to the summit of Raise the Flag Mountain and how at first, he was not able to read the signs, which he eventually figured out (and was disappointed to learn) were propaganda signs ....more

After the Storm

I’ve been debating about whether or not to write this post for at least a month. Like so many things that Andy and I have been dealing with over...more

Belén’s First Day of Kindergarten

We’ve been talking about it for months now and the day finally arrived, today was Belén’s first day of kindergarten. She picked out her outfit weeks ago and this weekend we put the finishing touches on the accessories. (Thanks to Nana for the lego earrings and Scrabble ‘B’ ring.) School supplies were purchased and dropped off at orientation last week and the Frozen (what else?) backpack arrived from amazon before we left on...more

Things You Cannot Do When You are Not a Toddler

Those of you with toddlers will especially appreciate this ....more

Dear Eloise (@ 3 Years Old),

Dear Eloise, It is with great pleasure that I wish you happy birthday after three amazing years of life. I can’t believe that three years ago today, I was in the hospital staring into your beautiful eyes, breastfeeding you for the first time and being amazed that I could love another child as much as I already loved your sister. From day one, you have been a happy kid and as you have evolved into a three-year-old, you have shown us that you are also strong-willed and smart to boot ....more

Dear Belén, @ Five-Years Old!

Dear Belén, Today, you, my dear, sweet, oldest daughter turn five. It seems impossible that you have been a part of this world for five years already and yet, I can hardly remember life without you. I can honestly say that even in at your young age, you have truly made a positive impact in this world by touching the souls of so many people around you ....more


Happy Easter! One of the annual events we look forward to most throughout the year is the egg hunt at my parents house. We realized today that it is the fourth year we have been doing it and so far, every year has been filled with amazing food, beautiful weather and the perfect location for an egg hunt ....more

A Week in Barcelona, España

I recently had the pleasure of attending one of the largest technology trade shows, Mobile World Congress, in its beautiful host city, Barcelona, Spain. I hadn’t previously had the opportunity to visit Spain before, so I was ecstatic about the trip, all except for the part of being away from the kids for so long. I arrived early Sunday morning and then spent time getting by bearings at the airport as well as picking up my badge for MWC, waiting in a long queue for the ATM and then finally catching a taxi to my hotel ....more

Why I Don’t Post Cute Pictures of the Girls Anymore

This is what it took to get this… Happy Weekend! ...more