Muffin Tin Monday - Independence Day!

Happy Summer, guys! And welcome back to Muffin Tin Monday! Independence Day is the theme of the week here ....more

Muffin Tin Monday - Summer!

Happy Summer, everyone! ...more

Muffin Tin Monday - the swanky 70's!

Welcome to the 70's! This week's Muffin Tin Monday theme is another stop in the decades series, the swanky 70's! ...more

Nibble Tray | preschooler's snack to go

Summer greetings, everyone!   While I am very much enjoying not having to peel myself out of bed super early every morning, it still doesn't seem like we've hit that lazy summer days groove yet. I feel like I'm still waiting to catch my breath! Maybe that's just life with a houseful of crazy kids... ...more

Big Kid Summer Camp Lunch

We have enjoyed over three weeks of summer vacation so far and this week Ethan gets to go to a summer enrichment program at school. Five full days of fun classes he got to pick out himself. A couple of the courses he opted for: Outdoor Games and Lego Mania. Totally rad! ...more

Muffin Tin Monday - the ocean

Welcome to Muffin Tin Monday! The theme of the day is The Ocean. ...more

Snacks, snacks, lots of school snacks!

At one point during this last school year I thought I'd make a real effort to start documenting our packed school snacks. The problem is it wasn't a habit and therefore kept slipping my mind in the crazy getting-ready-for-school morning rush and 97% of the time I forgot to do it. ...more

The last of school lunches of the year

We are already in the thick of our summer vacation, so no school lunches have been made in awhile. But I did have a few stray lunches that hadn't been posted yet, and here they are! One of Ethan's last lunches of elementary school, ever. (Sob!!).. ....more

Muffin Tin Monday - Perfect Picnic

What? It's Monday again, already?! We are beginning week 3 of summer break and it's safe to say my brain is officially on summer schedule. I'm no longer capable of keeping track of days of the week.  All that to say, I'll be back later with my Picnic themed muffin tin. :) ...more

Muffin Tin Monday - Down on the Farm

What does Memorial Day and Muffin Tin Monday have in common? Today! Totally lame joke? Yes! Also totally lame? My muffin tin meal! ...more