If I could

If I could save time in a bottle.... EVERYONE SING!...more

"...There is no

"...There is no finish line with depression, anxiety, or any other sort of mental illness. We're on this path, and the path is constantly changing. Sometimes it's flat and well-marked, and we can see all the way to the horizon ....more

I apologize for

I apologize for the maudlin post, but I looked at the date, August 19th, and I think it will be a while before it can be just another day in summer....more

I know the

I know the Interwebs runs on cute cat videos, one giggly gigabyte at a time, but I'm definitely more of a dog person. ...more

I'm back! I'm

I'm back! I'm back! If you know me personally, you'll say, "You never left!" Which I guess is true -- I didn't go anywhere, I just took a break from blogging for a bit to take some time after a family member passed away ....more

I don't want

I don't want to worry anyone, I'm taking a short break from this blog, but I promise to return....more

The last Monday

The last Monday of May is traditionally Memorial Day, also associated with the three day weekend of summer's official start, but let's not forget why we have a Memorial Day....more

I went on

I went on a Jaunty shopping spree recently... and not a stitch of wardrobe-related stuff was purchased....more

I have big

I have big news -- or maybe little white fluffy news? It was a heartbreaking loss to say goodbye to our sweet, sweet Indy last year, but we always knew we would make room in our hearts for another dog someday. And we always knew we'd adopt, that it would be a dog with a story to share, versus a puppy whose story is waiting to be told ....more

I've clearly been

I've clearly been a shutterbug of late. Which isn't a bad thing....more