Happy 8 Months Luke!

I’m a little late, but happy 8 months Luke! You turned 8 months old during Focal Point, but things were too crazy (in a good way!) to sit down to write this post. Over the past few months you have definitely transitioned into a much happier baby ....more

Happy 7 Months Luke!

Seven months closer to one year old than being a brand new baby. You are such a funny baby: you complain and demand our attention, and when we look at you, you give us the biggest, cheesiest smile ....more

Happy 6 Months Luke!

Six months is one of those milestones that seems really big – halfway to no longer being a “baby.” Many days you remind me how much less you are like a newborn and how much more you are like a one year old. You don’t have to eat as often anymore. You grab and knock my phone out of my hand when I’m holding you ....more

The Mission Field in My Home

During a recent ladies class, I was reminded and encouraged about the importance of the mission field in my home: my children. As I was meditating again on the importance of the mission field in my home, a thought about my mission work struck me in a way it hadn’t before. I know that I am uniquely well-suited to teach the mission field in my home, well, because after all they are my children, and I should have the closest relationship with them ....more

Happy 5 Months Luke!

Every day you become more expressive and more aware of the world around you. It is such a joy to watch you grow and learn. You still aren’t sleeping very well at night, and I really hoped that after being back in the routine you’d start sleeping well again, but that hasn’t happened ....more

Ella’s Fifth Birthday Interview

Wow, Ella is five! Here is her birthday interview. What is your favorite color? ...more

Baby Gear I’m Loving Lately

I’ve written a couple posts in the past about my favorite baby gear, but since I’ve had Luke, I’ve gotten to try a few new items out. Rock n’ Play Sleeper. I love this thing! ...more

I Heart Faces: Best Face Photo from 2013

Though I have many photos I could choose, I knew immediately which photo I wanted to use this year. I love Troy’s personality showing through in this photo! Here’s my photos from 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009 ....more

2014 Goals

For the past couple of years, I’ve made a point to write out specific goals at the start of the year. Though I fell short in many of my goals last year (for lots of reasons, some legitimate, some not so much), I find that writing these goals out really helps me to focus and reflect. Many goals are the same as in the past years; some because I didn’t complete them and others because they ought to continually be on the list ....more

Happy 4 Months Luke!

This past month has been filled with lots of firsts for you. First long drive back to visit families, first extended overnight stays away from home, first Christmas,...more