finding joy

I believe in the power of human voice and the potential to make an impact in this world and that's why I write Finding Joy, cohost the Amplify Podcast and am cofounder of Blogging Concentrated - a global training and development company for entrepreneurs and bloggers.

ditching the mask of motherhood

For most of my life I wanted perfect. When the girls were little Martha Stewart was my hero. I don’t even think seeing her in an orange prison jumper distorted my love of the perfect life that she portrayed ....more

the moment that I quit

You are a quitter. Those are the words that were told to me several weeks ago. Those were the words spat at me, without thought or care or worry, but to attack me ....more

why i won’t be snarky about my kids

How’s that for a title? But it’s true. I won’t be snarky about my kids behind their backs ....more

the eleven step program for instant mom happiness

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. Whatever, who am I kidding here? It’s been a whole lot of a big funk lately that dozens of caramel macchiatos from Starbucks can’t even begin to soothe ....more

Happy Mom Secrets Six: “Clean Yourself”

I love this. Perhaps because I just cleaned under the beds. Or perhaps because sometimes there is a trail of stuff in my house leftover ....more

just mother

I saw a video that jolted me out of my funk today. It was by Gary Vaynerchuk (language if you have kids) and it was about the idea of stop being a scholar and actually doing life. It inspired me ....more

the end of the school year truth

It was nine months ago. All of us. In so many different ways ....more

I listen

I listen. I listen to the doubts in my head. I listen to the joys ....more


Once I dreamed about being a mom. Once I thought about how perfect the days would be. Once I labored and brought to this world a screaming and wailing newborn ....more

when I felt like I wasn’t a good mom

(I wrote this ten days ago in the middle of a 21 day business trip. 21 days. And then my computer broke and it’s taken me forever to get it published – in fact, I’m struggling with a broken macbook and trying to get this up even now – so have mercy on the errors ....more