Day 1: I am Enough #findingjoy challenge

You know how a house has to have a foundation? The foundation for this entire challenge – for finding joy and living a life filled with more hope, joy, happiness, and less worry, angst, and those nights wondering if we measure up – well, the foundation is first of all knowing in our hearts that […] The post Day 1: I am Enough #findingjoy challenge appeared first on finding joy ....more

the first (and limited edition) finding joy teeshirt is here!

Last week, on Facebook, I posted this simple and fun question for our awesome, and I mean encouraging real mom kind of awesome, ...more

why time is more important than stuff

The other day I received a sweet comment from a mom who wished she was able to purchase extra things for her kids and then wrestling with this feeling about not being able to give her kids what she thought they needed and deserved – when she couldn’t budget it in. Well, first of all […] The post why time is more important than stuff appeared first on finding joy ....more

why you need to let go of mom guilt

This is why: Mom guilt keeps us from seeing the awesome in today.Click To Tweet - Powered By CoSchedule Listen. We all have those moments where we mess up. We drop the ball, we yell, we get short tempered, we mess up, and all of that ....more

why you’re worth more than the perfect selfie

I’ll admit it. I’ve done the selfie thing. Sit in the car or at the table, get the kids behind, look up and smile ....more

10 Ways to Burn Out as a Mom (and how to avoid them)

These ten things contribute to mom burnout. We don’t want burnout. We want awesome ....more

why we need to stop asking, “how do you do it all?”

No more. No more asking of the mom racing through the store chasing two toddlers and holding a baby on her hip while coupons fall from her once organized coupon collector (I’ve never done coupons, as an fyi. It could be called anything, really, I’m just making that term up ....more

why motherhood doesn’t need filters to be awesome

Have you noticed too? Filters here. Filters there ....more

10 Things Happy Moms Don’t Do

1. Base self worth on other’s opinions. Happiness that is dependent on what other’s think of you is happiness that will never appear ....more

things I wish I could say about motherhood

But so often, I just don’t. So often, I’ve kept myself quiet. Like when my oldest was a newborn and had colic ....more