Texas Tigers

Southern wife, mommy to 3 precious littles. Love Jesus, my family and friends. Addicted to coca-cola, baby-wearing, breastfeeding, and co-sleeping. Wannabe photographer. I blog our lives, adventures, crafts at http://www.texastigersblog.com

That time we got stuck on I-12 for 27 hours

Last Saturday what should have been a normal easy drive from Baton Rouge, where we had spent the night, to Florida for our beach vacation, turned into a very different adventure. It had been raining the days before and we knew driving into Baton Rouge that some roads were already closed due to being underwater but we didn't see anything to suggest that the major interstate were underwater nor did we ever really think that it was something that was likely to happen. Yea.. ....more

summer days

Summer these days consist of lots of pool time. This particular day we ate our lunch in the park before heading to the splash pad and pool....more


It had been a few years since I had taken picture Valentines' of the kids for their classes. They may not be their favorites (because their favorites are the Target variety with puppies or Jurassic Park on them to be honest. I can want to be all cutesy and pinteresty as I want but in the end the $3 boxes from Target win in their minds) but I love them as does family (when I don't get to busy to send them… or even blog them before the holiday is WAY past over…)...more

Look who's FOUR!

My little baby is now a bubbly, talkative, sweet, loving FOUR year old. Her birthday flipped a switch in her because while she was always chatty and silly at home, she was often shy around others like the teachers at preschool and Bible Class. She's opened up and let everyone else see that side of her personality more and more since her birthday! ...more

Lexie and Friendly

Every child in Lexie's preschool class was able to have a turn bringing home the class pet - Friendly the Frog. Her teacher tried to time it so it was around their Birthday so Lexie was able to have Friendly over her birthday weekend....more

Lexie's A Little Witch

Before Halloween rolled around I took Lexie out for a quick photoshoot - she loved her Halloween witch dress so I wanted too have a little fun with it since it wouldn't be her costume for trick or treating. She really enjoyed it and hammed it up! ...more

Abby's level 2 season

Abby's well into her second competitive gymnastics season now. She's had three meets so far. The first meet this season was amazing for her! ...more

Abby's Glamping 9th birthday

This month my sweet oldest daughter turned 9. ...more

Swimming with Olympian Dara Torres and SwimToday

If you know me, you won't be shocked to here that I've loved all things to do with water since I was young and I have three little waterbugs following in my footsteps. I grew up with love of playing in the pool and enjoyed swim lessons, then went on to join summer swim team, followed by year-round swim team, high school swim team and my first 'real' job was as a lifeguard. Now I'm at the very beginnings possibly starting that cycle with my littles ....more

Micah goes Mutton Bustin

A little over a year ago Micah had a classmate who came in one morning with a big shiny belt buckle that he had won when he participated in mutton bustin in the San Antonio Rodeo. That afternoon when I picked up Micah from preschool, he told me all about it and how he wanted to ride a sheep too! It was too late for the rodeo that year so I just let it drop and thought he'd forget about it ....more