Incredible Fam

Child of God. Mommy. Photographer. Social worker. Lover of fall colors, rainy days, and hearing my boys laugh. Committed to living life intentionally in every area.

summer 2014

Happy Summer!! ...more


canoeing at sunset with mr incredible ~ ...more


I HATE that our sweet Lyla is stuck when she should be home spending hours playing outside with her brothers all summer long before starting school in the fall. ...more

make a way

We continue to press on in faith as we wait for our daughter to be able to come home and as we handle the logistics of her care from a continent away. ...more

our 5-year old & an interview

My sweet Logan, aka Jack Jack, my second born who will always be the baby of our family ~ Now that you are five, I feel like I have to refer to you as my “little boy” instead of my “baby”…time has gone so fast. ...more

big brother, little brother



“Gently encourage… & reach out for the exhausted,...more

catch of the day

On a lovely warm evening this week, we went to the little lake near our house to let the boys cast their fishing lines into the water for a bit. ...more

it’s all about your heart

Please continue praying for movement in our daughter’s country and for...more

in the iris garden

I always enjoy wandering the iris garden in full bloom. ...more