It’s time. I am admitting to myself that I am no longer a blogger. ...more

Making Menus

I do this thing, not all the time but pretty often, where I plan out my dinner menus five weeks at a time. ...more

Not To Be Counted On In An Emergency

I have all of these cool photos of clouds without any real story to go with them so they’re just going to get interspersed with this completely unrelated tale for which I have no pictures. ...more

Faith is Baking

I am proud to say that Faith made the dessert for the rehearsal dinner last week. ...more


When we moved into this house in 1999, Reagan was four and Hayden was two and Faith did not exist. ...more

Profit From Pain

I was thinking about pain this weekend. ...more

Post Written While Being Bored

Rich and I have had a Sleep Number bed for years and I’ve always liked it, but recently I’ve had trouble sleeping and was waking up sore, so we put the guest room mattress in our room. ...more

My Quarterly Hodge Podge

I like to occasionally join in with Joyce at From This Side of the Pond for this fun little Q and A. ...more

My New Job And An Old Movie

Today was my first day at my new job and I am highly encouraged. ...more

How To Attend A Potluck

A good potluck event is one of life’s joys. ...more