Lone Kate

I am a creator of four children in six years, which to date is still my greatest achievement. I don't do any work other than the typical slave labor expected of all mothers, and for this back breaking effort I am well paid in attitude, hugs and kisses. I'm also occasionally handed poop. I am a devoted movie goer and reader, wannabe novelist and fashionista. I love sarcasm, television and my children. Not necessarily in that order.

What I Read 2017- May/June

Influx- Daniel Suarez: high-tech thriller imagining a world where a covert government agency tries to keep most of humanity from discovering the most incredible technological advances. Fun as an adventure story, but a little mind boggling with the physics explanations....more

Adventures in Bebe(sitting)

Today is the last full day of just Bebe and I hanging out. Ever. Tomorrow is her very last day of preschool, and Brett has taken vacation days for the rest of the week ....more

Unintentional Over-Scheduling

Contrary to many of my parenting peers, I do not fall into the ‘kids must play sports, participate in structured activities’ category. I grew up practicing gymnastics 25 hours a week during school (40 hours a week in the summer- … Continue reading → The post Unintentional Over-Scheduling appeared first on Lone Kate ....more

Mascara Of The Month: Antonym/ Ilia

You get another 2-for-1 mascara post this month, seeing as I never got around to posting in April. It’s easy to blame my usual procrastination for the failure, but to be honest I was a least partially waiting to see … Continue reading → The post Mascara Of The Month: Antonym/ Ilia appeared first on Lone Kate ....more

What I Read 2017- March/April

Dark Side- Belinda Bauer: decent suspense novel that keeps you confused about whodunit throughout… until the cheater, cop out ending....more

Mom, Not Interrupted

It’s 4:35pm. Usually by this time I’m so drained that the thought of performing even the most basic tasks (for example, making dinner) seem almost insurmountable. I’ll be cranky and irritable, and basically just counting down the minutes to when … Continue reading → The post Mom, Not Interrupted appeared first on Lone Kate ....more

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Oh, Hey! Remember how I have a blog? Yeah, me neither, apparently ....more

The Whole Shebang

Turns out, I made it through Whole30 February, although I’m not gonna lie- it was a close call at the end there....more

What I Read 2017- January/ February 

Here we go again: a list of the books I have read so far this year....more

Mascara Of The Month: W3ll People/ Mineral Fusion

Time for month 2 in my mascara testing series (mascarathon?) and this month it’s a two for one special thanks to a couple of brands I was able to pick up on my regular shopping trips. The first one I … Continue reading → The post Mascara Of The Month: W3ll People/ Mineral Fusion appeared first on Lone Kate ....more